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What’s trending on The Clemson Insider’s message board today? A number of topics, including just one more day until Clemson and Auburn kick off, whether Appalachian State would have beaten South Carolina last night if they had played and who this year’s trash-talker will be for Clemson.

Also, Deshaun Watson was much better against App State last year than Josh Dobbs was last night. What is your opinion on the “WooHoo”? And what is your prediction for the Clemson-South Carolina game after watching the Gamecocks last night?

Here is what is trending about Clemson on TCI today:

Happy Football Friday

TCI headquarters getting ready

They play football tomorrow night

After watching South Carolina last night

Would App State have beaten South Carolina last night if they played?

Watson WAY better than Dobbs

Seth Beer

Remember this day

Who is this year’s trash talker?

Clemson, FSU and Louisville

The WooHoo

Cat Man


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