Around the Horn with TCI - Clemson Offense

Around the Horn with TCI - Clemson Offense


Around the Horn with TCI - Clemson Offense

The Clemson Insider staff members Robert MacRae, Gavin Oliver, Kaila Burns-Heffner, Will Vandervort, Gabby Bates, Alex Turri, Kevin Shroat, and William Qualkinbush go Around the Horn to answer some of the questions surrounding Clemson athletics and college football.



Will we see an improved Clemson offense going forward?

Robert MacRae – We will see the return of Clemson’s high powered offense on Saturday.  There was a different feeling from the players this week starting with Deshaun Watson’s press conference.  This week I think we will see the Tigers out there having fun again.  There will still be some mistakes at times, but it will only take a little spark to get the momentum and confidence going again for the offense.  The SC State game couldn’t come at a better time.  Clemson needs to gains some confident and get in rhythm before the ACC schedule begins Thursday night at Georgia Tech.

Gavin Oliver – I think it’s pretty safe to say Clemson’s offense this year probably isn’t going to be the best in college football history, as some players suggested it had the potential to be before the season. But don’t get me wrong — this offense is still going to be really, really good despite the slow start. There is simply too much talent and experience across the board for it not to be.

Clemson’s run to the national title last year clouds the fact that the Tigers got off to a slow start offensively last season, as well. If you look at Clemson’s offensive stats against its first two FBS opponents in 2015 and compare them to Clemson’s stats through the first two games this season (both against FBS opponents), and they’re almost identical. The biggest difference is the number of drops Clemson has had, and that, more than anything, is what is stalling the offense. Dabo Swinney said it on Tuesday — if the Tigers pitch and catch like they’re capable of, then the offense will get in rhythm and everything will be fine. Deshaun Watson hasn’t been sharp for the most part thus far, and the play along the offensive line has been inconsistent, but that is going to change. Like last season, this offense is going to get it in gear — in a big way.
Kevin Shroat – It’s now or never for Deshaun and the offense. There’s no question about it, Clemson’s offense has to show up this Saturday. We all know that a win is a win but if the Tiger’s don’t come out of this game with a blowout W, I don’t think they really have another opportunity to work out the kinks. Its simple; if the receivers hold on to the ball, it’s a big day for Clemson and they gain some confidence going down to Bobby Dodd stadium next Thursday.
Alex Turri – The only clear choice is Dexter Lawrence. With his body type, to go along with his athleticism. Lawrence is a complete force. Not only is he a force, he has the potential to become greater than just that. I believe playing at home in front of the Clemson crowd for his first home game, will spark something in him leading to a memorable performance.

Gabby Bates –Definitely! Going into the season, the bar was set the highest it has ever been in Clemson history. As obvious as it has been the past two games, the Tigers haven’t been able to reach that bar. Frustrated and disappointed in their recent performances, Clemson will make their come back this Saturday against SC State.


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