TCI’s Heisman Watch List: Week 3

TCI’s Heisman Watch List: Week 3


TCI’s Heisman Watch List: Week 3

Heading into Week 3 we start to see some bigger games being played, and players will start either catching their stride, or falling off the board. This week is where it’s early in the season can no longer be an excuse. It is time for players to get going, or get of our list.

The front runners:

Christian McCaffrey, Stanford, RB: Coming off of a bye week McCaffrey is ready to get back out on the field against a tough USC team. Although they had a very poor showing against Alabama in Week 1, this team is no joke by any means necessary. This should be a good test for McCaffrey and Stanford, he should perform well.

Lamar Jackson, Louisville, QB: Jackson has been a monster this season, getting it done both through the air and on the ground. He totaled 411 passing yards and a touchdown through the air, while going off on the ground rushing for 199 yards rushing with four touchdowns. At this point in the season Jackson has a scary 13 total touchdowns. He has been a force.

Jabrill Peppers, Michigan, ATH: With Michigan destroying UCF, Peppers was a force once again getting in on eight tackles, six of them being solo tackles, and two being tackles for losses. He has yet to be truly tested, but right now he is still the best of the best.

Royce Freeman, Oregon, RB: Freeman went off for 207 yards and two touchdowns last week against a capable Virginia team. He averaged 9.9 yards a carry in the game. He will be tested this upcoming week against a 2-0 Nebraska team.

J.T. Barrett, Ohio State, QB: Although he only threw for 149 yards and no touchdowns, he did have two scores on the ground. It was also against a Tulsa team which was no threat at all only putting up three points. Barrett will continue to perform in big games and stats should continue to be consistent.

Greg Ward JR, Houston, QB: Ward totaled 399 yards and three touchdown in leading the Cougars to a come-from-behind 40-16 victory at Cincinnati on Thursday night.

Not out yet but one bad week will end hopes:

Deshaun Watson, Clemson, QB: Watson is not playing like he did last year. He is making mistakes he normally wouldn’t and it’s showing. Although he is not playing particularly well, the poor showing of his receivers is not helping his case. His receivers have been dropping balls and underperforming and it shows in Watson’s stats. He needs to pick it up before it’s too late.

Dalvin Cook, FSU, RB: Cook is not playing poorly in the slightest, but he is not playing Heisman caliber football either. He isn’t dominating games the way he should be and the way it is expected of him. He can easily put it all together again and make a big splash this season, but one bad performance and a loss can kill his hopes in an instant.

In the hunt:

Myles Garret, Texas A&M, DE

Corey Clement, Wisconsin, RB

Royce Freeman, Oregon, RB

Saquon Barkley, Penn State, RB

Nick Chubb, Georgia, RB

Kalen Ballage, ASU, RB

Mark Walton, Miami, RB

Deondre Fracois, FSU, QB

Jake Browning, Washington, QB

Shanee Buechele, Texas, QB


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