Joseph: 'It's time to end the streak'

Joseph: 'It's time to end the streak'


Joseph: 'It's time to end the streak'

Clemson linebacker Kendall Joseph and the Tigers have heard all week about Georgia Tech’s five-game home winning streak against Clemson dating to 2003.

Joseph says it’s time to end it, and that’s the goal for Clemson in Atlanta tonight.

“It’s been brought up quite a lot,” Joseph said of the streak earlier this week. “It’s going to be a great challenge. It’s a great environment. It’s tough, with a short week, but it’s time to end the streak. That’s our goal, to get the win, so it’s been on our mind.”

Joseph discussed the streak and much more during his press conference on Tuesday. The following is an edited transcript of Joseph’s meeting with the media:

Question: What has this week been like personally as you prepare to play Georgia Tech’s triple-option for the first time?

Joseph: “It’s very difficult. It’s very different from what we’ve been seeing. It’s going to take a lot of eye discipline and really focusing on my keys. It’s been tough and challenging, but I know we’ll be ready.”

Q: What are the biggest adjustments you have to make from going against a spread offense to the triple-option?

Joseph: “Recognizing the formation, first, and just great eye discipline. You have to have eye discipline every week, but this week, if your eyes are in the wrong spot, it will really mess you up. So, it’s going to take a lot of eye discipline as well as defeating cut blocks and staying on your feet to make a lot of plays.”

Q: How does it help going against (defensive coordinator) Brent Venables as the scout-team quarterback?

Joseph: “He’s out there full-sweat, shirt soaking wet (laughing), but it’s a great look for us. He pushes the envelope, and he has a great tempo for the scout team. He knows what he wants to look at, so he pushes the scout team to go a lot faster, and it’s great for us.”

Q: What have you seen from Georgia Tech quarterback Justin Thomas?

Joseph: “Extremely tough and athletic. Very twitchy, very quick. He’s very elusive, and he breaks a lot of tackles. He’s tough, and he goes hard every play even if it’s not working well, so he’s a great competitor.”

Q: Has big of a help has Ben Boulware been this week in terms of his experience against Georgia Tech’s offense?

Joseph: “Very much so. He’s been through it. He’s seen a lot of the offense, a lot of the formations, so he’s been helping me a lot because this is really my first true time preparing for it. He’s been a big brother for me this week.”

Q: Do you like having to play two games in five days and the grind that goes into it?

Joseph: “I wouldn’t necessarily like it, but it’s a grind. This is going to show what we’re made of. They have a short week, as well, so we just have to really prepare hard, a lot of film study in a short amount of time. But it’s a grind, and it’s really going to show what kind of team we have.”



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