Herbstreit: ‘Clemson one of the best settings for Saturdays in the fall’

Herbstreit: ‘Clemson one of the best settings for Saturdays in the fall’


Herbstreit: ‘Clemson one of the best settings for Saturdays in the fall’

ESPN analyst David Pollack ended Friday’s College Football Live Show from Clemson’s Bowman Field with this, “Sloppy body guy. I know he is coming.”

Who is “sloppy body guy?” He is the Clemson fan that took off his shirt and poured Coke Zero all over himself, while dancing crazy on his friend’s shoulders behind Pollack during College GameDay’s 2013 visit to Clemson for the Florida State game.

Sloppy body guy, a.k.a Davis Toney, made another appearance during last year’s Notre Dame broadcast when he again popped into the screen behind Samantha Ponder’s interview with Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney. And yes, he was again dancing without his shirt on.

“It’s that passion. They love their team. They love the Tigers. They love college football. They love tailgating. They love the celebration of the fall,” said long-time GameDay analyst Kirk Herbstreit said on Friday. “It is very obvious whether we are here or not, you guys are here for six or seven Saturday’s every year, and you can make a really strong argument that this is one of the best settings for Saturdays in the fall.”

Herbstreit says Tiger fans like “Sloppy body guy” are what make Clemson one of their favorite places to visit during the college football season. This is College GameDay’s fifth trip to Clemson. It first made an appearance in 2006, and has since made four trips in the last four years.

“We are just happy to be here whenever we get a chance to come and be a small part of it,” Herbstreit said. “We never take that for granted. Every time we set up, and the fans show up and show their support for their team, we just feed off their energy. We just love coming here every time we get a chance.”

What stands out the most to Herbstreit and his colleagues, such as Pollack and Desmond Howard, is the energy the Clemson people always provide.

“When you are doing (a live show) in front of eight or 10,000 people, or however many there are out there, there is energy you feed off,” he said. “There are some weeks when you have to manufacture that energy because the crowd is kind of flat for whatever the reason.

“When we come to Clemson, it has never really felt that way. They are just so amped up and excited and we feed off of that. Whether it is the rain and playing around in the mud, and diving or the guy that is half naked and dancing on someone’s shoulders—sloppy guy—what he is doing just shows the overall passion and support for their team.”

During last year’s Notre Game when a tropical depression sat right on top of the Clemson area all day and poured, Herbstreit figured the fans might take off and he would not have blamed them because the conditions were horrible.

“It was just raining like crazy, and I’m thinking they are all going to leave, and they did not go away. They had fun in it,” he said. “These people celebrate college football and they love their team and we just happen to be here on a given Saturday.”

And who knows, maybe “sloppy body guy” will make another appearance on Saturday’s show.


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