Mullen coming in hot

Mullen coming in hot


Mullen coming in hot

Freshman cornerback Trayvon Mullen has already given fans a glimpse of how good he can be. His combination of size, speed and talent should translate into Mackensie Alexander-like production in the future.

He looks like a lock to take over one of the starting cornerback spots next year.

However, this year, Mullen has already got on the field, especially at Boston College last week. The defensive back discusses his time at Clemson, the cornerback competition and much more.

Question: Can you just talk about the process of getting acclimated as a freshman?

Mullen: “The process has gone very well. You get to compete and play with the older guys, getting a change to know the system and do the things that I have to do to play at this level. It’s different than high school.”

Question: Did you anticipate getting this much playing time?

Mullen: “Yeah I did because I felt like I was a great athlete coming out of high school. In high school I always played great, I practiced great and did extra things to be a good player.”

Question: Who has kind of taken you under their wing so far?

Mullen: “Well right now Jadar Johnson. Him and Van Smith and Cordrea all tell me to stay focused.”

Question: How hard was it when you first got to camp, especially with this wide receiver unit? Was there a point when you were overwhelmed at all?

Mullen: “Well not so much overwhelmed. It just showed me that I’m at a different level now. I wasn’t ready but I was. It’s just different. Everything is faster and bigger and everybody is stronger, so you just have to be prepared mentally.”

Question: What has the competition been like between you and some of the veterans like Ryan and Marcus and Mark Fields?

Mullen: “The competition has been great. We have all been getting out there and just trying to compete and get playing time. Not everybody is going to get playing time. Every week is different.”

Question: Do you feel like you guys are making each other better each week in practice?

Mullen: “Yeah I feel like we do. Sometimes if you need help you can go over to someone and just ask a question if you’re not sure.”

Question: Marcus is a guy that had to bide his time a little bit and then he made the big play against Louisville. Is there something you can learn from that?

Mullen: “Yeah, in big-time situations you have to make plays. I mean he stood up when he had his chance.”

Question: Scouting report on Trayvon Mullen. What do you do best right now? What have you gotten better at and what do you think you need to do to get more playing time?

Mullen: “I play man-to-man coverage best right now. I like lining up and playing against receivers. I just feel like to get better going further I just have to pay attention to the little things. I don’t have feel like a have big mistakes. I just feel like I have to get bigger, get stronger. The speed and the athletic ability are there. I just feel like I have to pay attention to the little details.”



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