Gallman thinks hit was intentional

Gallman thinks hit was intentional


Gallman thinks hit was intentional

Wayne Gallman walked off the field after suffering a concussion against N.C. State in Clemson’s last game on Oct. 15, but he doesn’t remember doing it.

In fact, he can’t really remember anything about the hit that N.C. State’s Dravious Wright delivered early in the first quarter, which knocked Gallman out for the remainder of the game.

“I just remember catching the ball, making a move and going north, and after that I don’t remember anything at all until I got back to the training room,” Gallman said on Monday. “It’s like I went to sleep and woke up in the training room.

“I saw a video of myself walking off. I don’t even remember that.”

Gallman was held out of practice last week during the Tigers’ bye week as he went through the concussion protocol.

But the junior running back said he is OK.

“I’m fine,” Gallman said. “Ready to play.”

Gallman laid almost motionless on the ground for several moments after sustaining the hit from Wright and was attended to by trainers.

Wright led with his helmet and made helmet-to-helmet contact with Gallman, but was not flagged for a targeting penalty by officials.

Gallman said he thinks the hit was intentional.

Asked if it was an intentionally dirty play, Gallman responded, “Yeah, pretty much. You saw him lead with his head. He came with his head.”

Gallman expects to be back on the field today (Monday) when Clemson practices in shorts, and he believes he will be cleared Thursday for full contact.

“I think they’re going to let me go today because they’re in shorts,” Gallman said, “but for pads, I think I’m going to be full go Thursday.”

Though he didn’t practice last week, Gallman ran on the side and did supervised drill work to ensure he was “right in the head.”

“I went through different drills with my helmet on just to see if after I ran, did I have any headache or was the light hurting me?” Gallman said. “Those little things, and I passed everything.”

Gallman said it was difficult for him to sit out of practice last week.

“It hurt real bad. I hate doing that. I hate not being able to practice,” Gallman said. “I hate not being able to play. It hurt just standing on the sideline at N.C. State because I told coach Swinney I was fine, I could go back in, but they told me no. So, it’s hard, man. I hate having to do that, but I’m glad to be able to practice this week.”

While he hasn’t yet been given the go-ahead to resume practice, Gallman is confident he will be ready to play when third-ranked Clemson takes on No. 12 Florida State in Tallahassee on Saturday night.

“As far as Florida State, I’m playing Florida State,” Gallman said.



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