‘Wayne Train’ looks to get back on the tracks

‘Wayne Train’ looks to get back on the tracks


‘Wayne Train’ looks to get back on the tracks

The ‘Wayne Train’ made an abrupt stop against N.C. State when he was knocked out by defensive back Dravious Wright on a questionable hit.

With Florida State approaching this Saturday, October 29th, Gallman is hoping that he can pass concussion protocol and be back in practice by Thursday. If he is not able to go, Tony Elliott has stated that C.J. Fuller would most likely get the green light at running back.

Gallman discusses how he feels, what he thought about the hit and much more.

Q: How do you feel? Are you ready to go for Saturday.

Gallman: “I feel fine. I’m ready to go.”

Q: What do you remember about that hit against N.C. State? What do you remember about the rest of the day?

Gallman: “I just remember catching the ball, making a move and going north. After that I don’t remember anything at all until I got back to the training room. It was like I went to sleep and woke up in the training room. I saw a video of myself walking off and I don’t even remember that.”

Q: Did you get knocked out?

Gallman: “I guess.”

Q: Did they diagnose you with a concussion?

Gallman: “Yeah, I went through concussion protocol last week but I think I’m good this week.”

Q: What’s your practice plan this week?

Gallman: “I think they’re going to let me go today because we’re in shorts, but for pads, I think I’ll be able to go on Thursday.”

Q: Obviously you and Dalvin Cook won’t be on the field at the same time, but do you take pride in games like this where you want to show who Wayne Gallman is while everyone is looking at Dalvin Cook?

Gallman: “I try to do that every game. Every game is big to me in the matter of just trying to win. In the back of my head it’s about me but overall it’s to get the W. All of that other stuff will come later as long as I do my part.”

Q: What was last week like going through the concussion protocol?

Gallman: “It hurt really bad. I hate doing that. I hate being able not to practice; I hate being able not to play. I hated standing on the sideline during N.C. State because I told Coach Swinney that I was fine and I could go back in but they told me no. It’s hard and I hate having to do that but I’m glad that I’ll be able to practice this week.

Q: Have you gotten a chance to see that replay and what did you think about the hit? Did it seem like a legal hit to you?

Gallman: Yeah I saw it everywhere. I wanted someone to hurt him that was in the game if they could.”

Q: How much did you look back and think that you were kind of lucky that this wasn’t worse than it turned out to be?

Gallman: “Yeah, that was my first time every dealing with something like that. I’ve never really not been able to remember something but hopefully that doesn’t happen again. “

Q: Do you think it was intentionally dirty?

Gallman: “Yeah pretty much. You saw him lead with his head.”

Q: First concussion though?

Gallman: “I wouldn’t even call it a concussion.”

Q: You wouldn’t call it a concussion?

Gallman: “For me personally, no. But everybody else says.”

Q: Just to be clear, have you been cleared to get back on the practice field?

Gallman: “Today they are just letting me practice because it’s shorts and I’m pretty sure they’ll give me a different word throughout the week. But as far as Florida State, I’m playing Florida State.”

Q: Take us through the different things they do during the week to make sure that you’re okay?

Gallman: “I went through different drills with my helmet on just to say if after I ran I had any headaches, if the light was hurting me or just those sort of little things. I passed everything.”



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