Busted assignment leads to Tigers’ winning score

Busted assignment leads to Tigers’ winning score


Busted assignment leads to Tigers’ winning score

TALLLAHASSEE, Fla. — Clemson’s winning touchdown in Saturday’s come-from-behind 37-34 victory at No. 14 Florida State should not have happened, at least not the way it did.

Trailing 34-29 with the ball resting at the Seminoles’ 34-yard line with 2:17 to play in the game, Clemson co-offensive coordinator Tony Elliott called for wide receiver Hunter Renfrow to run a post, as the second receiver, while Artavis Scott, who was up top, ran a vertical route. Jordan Leggett, who was at the bottom of the trips formation, ran a corner.

The third-ranked Tigers goal was to get Leggett locked up in a favorable man-to-man situation. What he got was wide open.

“Basically the safety was over the top of me and basically the nickel was outside of our second receiver (Renfrow). They are supposed to switch it off, but if the second receiver is going vertical after 10 yards, that nickel is supposed to collect him,” Leggett said. “We took (the nickel) with Renfrow and took him 10 yards deep with the post and once he did that post, that is threading the safety, and so they both went with him and I just ran a corner and it was wide open.”

In other words, there was busted coverage on the play. Leggett was not supposed to be that wide open. But he was, so he caught the ball turned up field and then made a spectacular play in getting the ball in the end zone for what turned out to be a 34-yard touchdown.

The winning-touchdown was Leggett’s fifth catch of the night and his third on the game-winning drive. He finished the game with five catches for 122 yards. He also had a 41-yard catch and run to set up running back Wayne Gallman’s first touchdown in the first quarter.

“I just feel like I’m a very trustworthy receiver,” he said. “(Watson) knows I’m going to catch the ball whenever he throws it to me and I’m just a big body and he sees me because I’m bigger than anybody else he sees out there.”

On the game-winning drive, Watson and Leggett connected for a 25-yard gain on the first play of the possession, 11 yards on a third-and-five from FSU 45, and then of course the 34-yard touchdown, which was aided of course thanks to Florida State busting its coverage and forgetting about Leggett.



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