Renfrow remaining positive

Renfrow remaining positive


Renfrow remaining positive

Wide receiver Hunter Renfrow spoke with the media after No. 2 Clemson’s 43-42 loss to Pittsburgh on Saturday in Death Valley. Despite the loss, Renfrow is remaining positive about the Tigers’ chances going forward.

“We’re trying to think about the positive and moving on to the next game. Of course it’s going to hurt a little, but in life you can’t look at the bad stuff. So we have to get up and get moving forward,” he said.

The sophomore played well when his number was called with seven catches for 77 yards. Here are Renfrow’s thoughts on Saturday night’s game in Death Valley:

Question: What were your thoughts when you saw the field goal go through?

Renfrow: “It’s definitely tough seeing it go through. We were in a situation vs. N.C. State where it didn’t. That’s football and it’s the way it goes sometimes. That’s why we love the game.”

Question: What was Dabo (Swinney’s) message to you guys afterwards?

Renfrow: “Just to appreciate our time here and be thankful for what we have and what we’ve done. React to it the right way. Just move forward and be appreciative. You build character through the tough times just like you build character through the good times.”

Question: Was the interception at the end of the first just a part of Deshaun’s big night or does it just go with the game?

Renfrow: “Yeah, he played great. But, I mean, it’s a team game. Offensively we had chance to win it, defensively we had a chance to win it. That’s the great thing about football, that it’s a team game. There’s been games where the defense has played very well and we hadn’t played very well on offense. Not saying they didn’t play well tonight because they definitely did. But, we had a chance to win at the end and we didn’t.”


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