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What’s trending on The Clemson Insider’s message board today? A number of topics including Dabo Swinney on the questionable calls that have gone against Ben Boulware, Swinney’s thoughts on style points and margin of victory as factors in the College Football Playoff race, Heather Dinich on the Clemson-over-Louisville rankings debate and the reaction of some Louisville players after last night’s rankings were released.

Also, Swinney talked about Clemson’s play-calling late in the game against Pitt. And was the loss a wake-up call for Clemson?

Here is what is trending about Clemson on TCI today:

Swinney on playcalling late in game against Pitt

What are Swinney’s thoughts on style points and margin of victory?

Swinney on officials treating Boulware differently than other players

Will this be the wakeup call?

Worst ESPN analyst

Best ESPN Analyst

Tee Higgins

Heather Dinich on Clemson over Louisville

Louisville players need to worry about Houston and not CFP rankings


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