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What’s trending on The Clemson Insider’s message board today? A number of topics from Clemson’s press conferences in the West End Zone, including Deshaun Watson on the Heisman, Wayne Gallman on Mike Williams answering South Carolina’s smack talk and Jeff Scott on whether Watson, Gallman, Williams and Artavis Scott are ready for the NFL.

Also, what picture did Scott send to some 2017 and ’18 recruits? What do you think the top four in the College Football Playoff rankings will be tomorrow, and would you rather Clemson face Washington, Ohio State or Penn State in the playoff?

Here is what is trending about Clemson on TCI today:

What picture has Scott sent to some ’17 and ’18 recruits?

Gallman said Swinney wanted him to go back in

Gallman glad Williams answered Carolina’s smack talk

How has Boulware seen team’s demeanor change after Pitt?

Watson on flashing the championship belt against Carolina

How much is Watson thinking about the Heisman?

Scott on if Watson, Gallman, Williams and Artavis Scott are ready for the NFL

Would you rather

What will the top four be Tuesday night?

What was your favorite play?



Clemson is coming off a historic performance against Auburn on Sunday night in San Diego. The fifth-seeded ACC Tigers scored more points than they ever have in an NCAA Tournament game, while limiting the No. (…)

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