Gallman, record 9 All-ACC Tigers graduate today

Gallman, record 9 All-ACC Tigers graduate today


Gallman, record 9 All-ACC Tigers graduate today


As he walks across the stage Thursday morning at Littlejohn Coliseum and receives his college degree in communications study, Clemson running back Wayne Gallman will be thankful for one thing.

“I’m just glad I don’t have any more papers to write. Well, hopefully,” he said smiling.

Gallman is one of 12 football players who will graduate on Thursday, including a record nine players who earned All-ACC honors as well. That list includes, of course, Gallman, quarterback Deshaun Watson, wide receivers Artavis Scott and Mike Williams, center Jay Guillermo, tight end Jordan Leggett, defensive tackle Carlos Watkins, linebacker Ben Boulware, defensive back Cordrea Tankersley and safety Jadar Johnson.

“I’m just glad I’m done with school,” Gallman said. “I really don’t see the full picture, and I know it is a big part of life, and I’m glad I’m experiencing it.”

Gallman said graduating from college ranks high on his list of accomplishments as a student-athlete. He says it was a goal of his and is the next step in life.

“People see graduation as like the high point, and it is a high point, but I see it as the next step because there are so many things you have to experience through life and I’m glad I’m experiencing graduation,” he said. “But there are so many more things to come after this.”

The most difficult class Gallman said he had to take was two years ago when he had his first communication class, Com 201.

After graduating, plus getting the rest of Thursday off to celebrate with their families, Gallman and the rest of the graduating Tigers will return to the practice field on Friday to continue their preparation for the Fiesta Bowl where they will play No. 3 Ohio State in the College Football Playoff Semifinal.

“That’s all we get to do. No more homework. It’s just football, what we love to do,” Gallman said.



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