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What’s trending on The Clemson Insider’s message board? A number of topics pertaining to Clemson’s Pro Day on Thursday, including our analysis of Deshaun Watson’s throwing, NFL Network’s Mike Mayock calling his performance “very impressive”, why Watson has emerged as the No. 1 quarterback prospect in the draft and the negative thing that ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. had to say about him.

Also, at Clemson, Pro Day isn’t just about the NFL. And it’s time to get back to playing football.

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Why has Watson emerged as the No. 1 QB prospect in the draft?

What negative thing did Mel Kiper, Jr. say about Watson?

Analysis of Watson throwing at Pro Day

At Clemson, Pro Day isn’t just about the NFL

It’s time to get back to playing football

Mike Mayock calls Watson’s Pro Day performance “very impressive”

Ryan Clark on Deshaun Watson

Could the Super Bowl land in London?

‘True 19’ talent ‘loved’ Clemson visit

Cain says wide receivers working together



Clemson is coming off a historic performance against Auburn on Sunday night in San Diego. The fifth-seeded ACC Tigers scored more points than they ever have in an NCAA Tournament game, while limiting the No. (…)

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