Player Spotlight: Andrew Cox

Player Spotlight: Andrew Cox


Player Spotlight: Andrew Cox

Clemson’s Andrew Cox is a redshirt graduate student from Belton, S.C. As a cornerstone player, a big part of the foundation head coach Monte Lee has assembled, the first baseman has brought excellent defense as well as leadership to the team this year.

The Clemson Insider recently had the chance to talk to Cox about his interests beyond the field.

Who is your favorite MLB player and why?

Cox: “My favorite MLB player… I don’t know if I have a favorite. Could I say like TK (Tyler Krieger) or (Steven) Duggar or the guys that played here? (Chris) Okey. I don’t have a favorite player but I check a lot of box scores every night just from different games to see how guys have done.”

When you’re not playing baseball what are you doing?

Cox: “When I’m not playing baseball I try to play golf every Monday on our off days. My girlfriend is in Houston now so beforehand I spent a lot of time with her but I just kind of lay low and hang out.”

Do you have any hidden talents that most people wouldn’t know about?

Cox: “Not really.”

What’s your favorite movie?

Cox:Rookie of the Year.”

What has been your best memory at Clemson so far?

Cox: “My best memory at Clemson was winning the ACC Championship last year and celebrating with my teammates.”

What is the one food you can’t live without?

Cox: “One food I can’t live without… a Moe’s chicken stack.”

What is your pre-game playlist like?

Cox: “I like Drake a lot. I like country music. Country music kind of settles me. I like some Future, Drake, country music, something like that.”

How would your friends describe you?

Cox: “I think my friends would describe me as a fun-loving guy that laughs a lot. Actually that could be one of my hidden talents. I have a very unique laugh.”

Where is your favorite place to shop?

Cox: “PacSun maybe. Nike outlet.”



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