Watson teaching young kids about football, and more

Watson teaching young kids about football, and more


Watson teaching young kids about football, and more

LEXINGTON, S.C. — Allison Jackson loves her boys so it was a no brainer for her when her oldest boy, Harris, asked if he could attend the Deshaun Watson Football Clinic at River Bluff High School in Lexington on Sunday.

“It’s important to me because it is what he loves,” said Allison, a 1998 Clemson graduate. “He has always loved it and his dad played quarterback at Camden High School and they were state champs. I have been so blessed and I love my boys in anything they do. He plays baseball and he plays basketball, but football is his passion.”

Harris Jackson is also a huge Deshaun Watson fan so getting instruction from his idol was a great experience for the 14-year old who aspires to be a quarterback himself one day.

“I play quarterback at my school and I want to get better. So I came to see what he does so I can improve what I do,” the younger Jackson said.

Mr. Jackson was one of the many young boys and girls ranging for ages 6 to 16 that got the opportunity to not only meet the national championship-winning quarterback, but to also learn more about the game from the two-time Heisman Trophy Finalist.

“It is always fun to be able to get out here and hang with the kids and be great role models and coaches for them,” Watson said. “I just want to teach them the things we know and just try to encourage them to be great, coach them to have fun and continue to play football because it is the greatest sport out there.”

Micah Edger drove up from Charleston to bring his nephew, Hunley Kinard, to see Watson and to get instruction as an early birthday present for the seventh grader.

“We worked on pretty much everything,” Kinard said about Watson’s four-hour camp. “We worked on all kinds of strategies, defensive and offensive. It was pretty fun.”

Kinard said he wants to be a running back one day, but it was good to get a little instruction in everything since he has to play multiple positions being that he comes from a small school in North Charleston.

“It was really fun. I learned some cool offensive strategies,” he said. “He taught us how to catch the ball and how to see it through. He taught us how to throw it.”

Jackson enjoyed the one-on-one teaching he got from Watson, whom he wrote his eighth-grade speech on.

“Watching him throw and then channeling it into what I did and having a lot of fun with the one-on-ones with him was a good experience,” Jackson said. “We did a lot of stuff, not just quarterback stuff.”

Watson’s main message to kids at his camp was to always work hard and be a good teammate. It is a message that got through to all the campers, especially Jackson.

“Always work hard at everything you do because you never know what position you are going to play,” he said. “Work hard all the time, for your team and everything.”

Jackson says he is going to Dabo Swinney’s Football Camp in June and he is excited to see how much he learned from Watson will translate to Dabo’s Camp.

“I’m really excited about it,” he said. “I will get to do specific quarterback stuff and hopefully do some of the stuff I saw today at that camp. Maybe I can make it there one day.”

Watch Deshaun Watson give six year old kids instruction at his camp today in Lexington.



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