Hopkins would love to have Watson throw him the ball

Hopkins would love to have Watson throw him the ball


Hopkins would love to have Watson throw him the ball

Imagine this, Deshaun Watson throwing the football to Deandre Hopkins. Clemson fans have imagined that dream scenario before, even though there was no possible way for it to happen at Clemson.

Houston Texans fans are now dreaming the same thing, but there is a chance their dream can come true. Hopkins, the 27th overall pick by the Texans in the 2013 NFL Draft, is set to begin his fifth season in the NFL where he has already become one of the best receivers in the game. Houston, who has the No. 25 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, is flirting with the idea of drafting Watson should he be available.

The Texans flew Watson into Houston on Monday for an interview and workout, which is expected to roll through Tuesday. The idea of having Watson, the two-time Davey O’Brien National Quarterback of the Year, throwing him the football brought a smile to Hopkins’ face when he was asked about the possibility on Monday by Houston reporters.

“I’m a Clemson guy so I am a little bias,” he said smiling. “But as an organization, they know who we need more so than my bias opinion on what I say or who I want.”

Though he would love to have Watson in a Texans’ uniform, Hopkins knows the former Clemson quarterback is going to be a winner wherever he goes. And why wouldn’t he? Watson led Hopkins’ alma mater to a national championship this past season and was 32-3 as a starter at Clemson.

“Wherever he goes, I know he will do fine,” the All-Pro wideout said. “When you are the Quarterback of the Year, back-to-back … he got snubbed in the Heisman, and in my eyes he is the Heisman quarterback. We have not talked, but we have mutual friends. I have cousins that still play at Clemson. I’m pretty sure he would like to throw me the football.”



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