Player Spotlight: Chris Williams

Player Spotlight: Chris Williams


Player Spotlight: Chris Williams

After starting the season late due to an injury, Clemson catcher Chris Williams jumped right back into the lineup and has had a positive impact ever since.

The Clemson Insider had the chance to talk to Williams about his hobbies and personal interests that go beyond the field.

Who is your favorite MLB player and why?

Williams: “My favorite MLB player is Buster Posey. He’s just a guy that I always looked up to even when he was at Florida State. He’s just been my favorite player for a long time and he kind of exemplifies what I want to be when I go on and hopefully play professional baseball.”

When you’re not playing baseball what are you doing?

Williams: “I’m hanging out with my friends a lot. Playing video games. I recently just got into fly fishing so that’s a lot of fun. We’re all usually just hanging out at one person’s house.”

Do you have any hidden talents that most people wouldn’t know about?

Williams: “I can’t think of anything right now to be honest.”

In your opinion, where is the toughest place to play on the road and why?

Williams: “So far it’s been Florida State. Their atmosphere is unlike anything else I’ve ever been to. It’s either Florida State or Louisville. Both places are tough places to play but it’s always really fun to play there. Their fans are always really into it.”

What is your favorite movie?

Williams: “I would say Warrior.”

 What has been your best memory at Clemson so far?

Williams: “Definitely winning the ACC Championship. I know everyone has said that but that’s definitely it.”

If your baseball facility could have one of the fun activities that the new football complex has what would you want it to be?

Williams: “Weirdly, I’m kind of jealous of their nap room. Either the nap room or putt-putt.”

What is the one food you can’t live without?

Williams: “Definitely Mexican food.”

What kind of music do you listen to before the games?

Williams: “It’s funny, my song that I always like to listen to before the games is Closer. It just kind of calms me down and gets me in a good mood.”

How would your friends describe you?

Williams: “A good friend, always there for you. Funny but not in the traditional sense. Kind of just like almost clumsy funny.”


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