Watson says he’s coming for Brady’s five Super Bowls

Watson says he’s coming for Brady’s five Super Bowls


Watson says he’s coming for Brady’s five Super Bowls

Back in 2012, when he was still a junior at Gainesville High School in Georgia, former Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson wrote this tweet.

“If I get a chance to play in the national championship game, Imma go ham,” he said.

As we know, Watson got his chance, and as we know, he hammed.

In two games against Alabama in the 2016 and 2017 National Championship Games, Watson totaled 941 yards and eight touchdowns while turning the football over just once.

In 2016, he nearly led the Tigers to the title as they fell just short of beating the Crimson Tide. However, Watson compiled a championship record 473 total yards and threw four touchdowns in the 45-40 loss.

A year later, in the 2017 title game, Watson brought Clemson back and again dominated the Alabama defense, this time to the tune of a championship record 420 passing yards and 463 total as he threw for three scores and ran for another, including a last-second touchdown pass to Hunter Renfrow to win the game.

So considering Watson was confident enough in himself to tweet how he would play if given the opportunity to play in a national championship game, what is his confidence level heading into the NFL? And does he expect to win a lot of Super Bowls for his new team?

“If I’m blessed and can stay healthy, I’m chasing the goat. I’m chasing Tom (Brady),” Watson said to the crew on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football on Tuesday. “I’m chasing six (Super Bowls). That’s the big thing. I know it is going to be tough and I know it is going to be hard. I have to have some luck on the way, but that is what I’m chasing.”

Brady holds the NFL record for a quarterback with five Super Bowl titles for the New England Patriots. Only Brady, Pittsburgh’s Terry Bradshaw (4), San Francisco’s Joe Montana (4) and Dallas’ Troy Aikman (3) have won three or more in the history of the Super Bowl.

But before Watson can win a Super Bowl, he must first get selected by a team. His path to the NFL Draft will come to an end on Thursday when he finds out who will select him in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Watson is considered to be a first-round pick and could go as high as No. 2 to the 49ers or as low as No. 27 to the Kansas City Chiefs.


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