Grantham schedules workouts with three NBA teams

Grantham schedules workouts with three NBA teams


Grantham schedules workouts with three NBA teams

The Clemson Insider has learned through multiple sources Clemson forward Donte Grantham has been asked to work out for three NBA teams.

Grantham will work out for New Orleans on May 7 before flying to Boston for a workout on May 8. He was also asked to work out for the Los Angeles Clippers on May 19. Once source also told TCI there are three or four other teams who are trying to schedule a workout session with the junior forward as well.

As you know, Grantham declared himself eligible for the NBA Draft prior to the April 24th deadline for underclassmen. However, since he has not signed with an agent, Grantham can work out for NBA teams but, if he so chooses to, he can still return to school for his senior year.

Grantham, who averaged 7.3 points and 4.3 rebounds per game last year, is just eight credit hours shy of graduating from Clemson, according to a source close to Grantham.

Because Grantham is an underclassman, and has not signed with an agent, NBA teams are required to pay for all of his expenses and can only have him in town for 48 hours. The rules are very similar to those of a high school prospect when he goes on an official visit to a college.

Each team will, not only work Grantham out, but they will also be able to take him to dinner and interview him just like they would any other player they are considering as a possible draft selection.

The goal for Grantham is to get as much feedback as possible from the NBA teams who want to work him out. Another source told TCI they do not see a team guaranteeing the Clemson forward a draft selection should he decide to keep his name in the draft.

Unless something changes in the workouts, TCI is being told it is likely Grantham will be coming back to Clemson for his senior year. However, when he is done working out with all the teams who requested to see him, he will sit down with his family about his future at that time.

Grantham was not invited to the NBA Combine, which will be held May 9-14. Former Clemson forward Jaron Blossomgame has been invited to participate in the combine. Underclassmen, who have not signed with an agent, have until May 24 to decide if they wish to keep their name in the draft pool or not.

The NBA Draft is schedule for June 22.


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