Williams, Watson expect to make big bucks as top 15 picks

Williams, Watson expect to make big bucks as top 15 picks


Williams, Watson expect to make big bucks as top 15 picks

Quarterback Deshaun Watson, due to Houston moving up 13 spots to come and get him at No. 12 in the first round of last week’s 2017 NFL Draft, might be all the buzz surrounding the six players Clemson had drafted this year, but former wide receiver Mike Williams is the one who will go to the bank.

Williams is expected to be offered a total compensation of $19.7 million when it is all said and done after the Los Angeles Chargers drafted him No. 7 in last Thursday’s draft, this according to Forbes.com’s Jason Belzer.

Williams’s $19.7 million is nearly $6 million more than Watson is expected to sign for when he and the Houston Texans come to an agreement.

But don’t feel sorry for Watson. He is still expected to get paid quite handsomely when it is all said and done. Forbes expects Watson to sign for $13.8 million in total compensation. He is expected to get a signing bonus worth $9.3 million.

The Texans gave up a first-round draft pick to Cleveland in the 2018 NFL Draft to move up a snag Watson a guy many believe to be a perfect fit for Bill O’Brien’s system.

Houston has made the NFL Playoffs the last two years, but was unable to get past the first game. The Texans believe Watson is the guy that can get them over that hump in the future as he did at Clemson where he led the Tigers to their first national championship in 35 years this past January.

Williams is expected to receive a signing bonus estimate around $12.5 million as he gives the Chargers the big, strong wide receiver quarterback Phillip Rivers has been coveting the last few years.

According to Forbes, compensation for 2016 NFL rookies is based on two different factors: the league’s Salary Cap and its Rookie Compensation Pool.



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