Phillips says best is yet to come for Clemson football

Phillips says best is yet to come for Clemson football


Phillips says best is yet to come for Clemson football

Terry Don Phillips said Clemson fans should know as long as Dabo Swinney is their head coach the football program is not going to plateau.

The former Clemson athletic director sat down with The Clemson Insider recently from his residence in Seneca, S.C., to discuss a number of topics during his time at Clemson. During his conversation with TCI, Phillips expressed his confidence in how he thinks Swinney will keep the Clemson football program relevant, from a national standpoint, for a long time to come.

“It is going to continue to move forward because of the leadership that we have,” Phillips said. “I have had several conversations. It has been really enjoyable to see what has happened with the program and where it is. It is one of, obviously, one of the very top programs in the country now. We are happy with that.”

The Clemson football program officially moved into the Allen Reeves Football Complex in February, but Swinney isn’t satisfied with just stopping there. At Wednesday’s Prowl & Growl event in Greenville, Swinney spoke about some of the improvements they can make to Death Valley to make it an even better facility than it already is, while also speaking about creating a new housing area for his players and other student athletes at Clemson.

“An attribute that Dabo has is that you have to keep taking the next step,” Phillips said. “You never take the final step and stop, because that is when you start drifting back. That is what they are doing. That is what the new facility, to me, represents. It is continuing progress of what has occurred in the program.”

Phillips said he has never seen a facility quite like the new football complex.

“That’s a fantastic facility,” he said. “I don’t know of any facility out there that is better than that one. I think it is the best facility in the country. It is fantastic. I am proud of what we built in the WestZone, and I am proud to be able to say that we won a National Championship in that facility, so it was a pretty good facility.”

However, to win another national championship, Swinney has already started the process with the new football complex as well as looking into other areas he can improve the program and Death Valley.

“They are going to continue to improve,” Phillips said. “Neither Dabo or Dan (Radakovich) are going to sit on their hands and let somebody pass them.

“I don’t see that happening.”



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