Watson adjusting to new ‘football language’ in Houston

Watson adjusting to new ‘football language’ in Houston


Watson adjusting to new ‘football language’ in Houston

Deshaun Watson is getting a little taste of what life as an NFL quarterback is like, especially a quarterback for Houston’s Bill O’Brien.

Known for being tough on quarterbacks especially with his sometimes complicated schemes, O’Brien has had an opportunity to teach his first-round selection out of Clemson the last two days on what he expects from him. Watson and the rest of the Texans’ rookies have gone through two of a three-day rookie mini-camp which is expected to end today.

“We start him with what we call the basic information section of the playbook,” O’Brien said to the Houston Media on Saturday via NBC Sports. “How do we huddle? Where do you go in the huddle? If the Houston Texans are on this sideline, you’re on this side of the huddle. If you’re on this sideline, you’re on this side of the huddle. I mean, it’s that simple. It’s that detailed.”

Everything is detail in O’Brien’s scheme which is why Watson understands it is going to take hard work and dedication from him over the next two months as he tries to learn as much about O’Brien and his offense as he can.

“You can expect a lot of stuff and want to be great and want to be successful, especially early, but it’s a process,” he said as reported by Yahoo Sports. “It’s not going to happen overnight.”

Coming from Clemson’s playbook to his new one at Houston, Watson said it is like learning Spanish if you don’t know Spanish.

“You have to flip everything you’ve learned before and turn a page and learn something brand new and make sure you are on the same page with not just the coaches, but your teammates,” he said. “Telling everyone what to do and doing things that I haven’t done before.

“It’s going to take time and I’m going to continue to improve each and every day.”

O’Brien says he explains the offense to the new players on the team like it’s a new language because he wants them to understand they have to put in the necessary work in order to understand it.

“It’s having to repeat it over and over again and then understand what it means, what each part of the play means to everybody in the huddle and then it’s what is the read of this play,” O’Brien said. “Where are we directing this run? What type of defense are they in? I mean, it’s just like on and on and on.

“It’s just so much information that we throw at these guys, especially the quarterback position. But, as long as you keep plowing ahead and you take it one step at a time and you stick with it, you’ll learn it. But you have to repeat it, you have to stick with it, you have to study, and like I said, that’s any position.”

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