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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — What’s trending on The Clemson Insider’s message board today? A number of topics from the 2017 ACC Football Kickoff, including ACC commissioner John Swofford on Clemson’s national championship and the conference’s success, Swofford on Deshaun Watson and Swofford on Dabo Swinney calling out ACC coaches.

Also, Swofford discussed the launch of the ACC Network, the NCAA’s recruiting reforms and gave an assessment of the league’s quarterback play. And could there be a 14-week regular season in college football?

Trending on TCI:

Swinney called out ACC coaches

Swofford on Clemson’s national championship, ACC success

Swofford on Deshaun Watson

Watson wins ESPY

Swofford’s assessment of ACC quarterbacks

Swofford on the launch of the ACC Network

Swofford on the NCAA’s recruiting reforms

The SEC’s “It just means more” slogan

Alabama players admit Clemson loss is motivation

Could there be a 14-week playing season in college football?


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