Clemson fan to Swinney: ‘That’s my skittle biscuit’

Clemson fan to Swinney: ‘That’s my skittle biscuit’


Clemson fan to Swinney: ‘That’s my skittle biscuit’

CHARLOTTE, N.C.– When you take a trip to Clemson, it’s truly hard not to fall in love with everything about the school. In addition to the University’s prestigious athletics and excellent academics, Clemson has always been known for its family atmosphere and welcoming people.

Head football coach Dabo Swinney is one of those people who exemplifies the admirable qualities of a Clemson leader.

As the 2017 ACC Football Kickoff was wrapping up and The Clemson Insider was checking out of The Westin Charlotte in Charlotte, N.C., we were greeted by a very sweet and smiling lady helping us at the front desk.

Quodoesha Allgood, who Swinney referred to this week as “Queen” is originally from Greenville, S.C. She is a die-hard Clemson fan, but more specifically a fan of Swinney.

“I didn’t check him in but I gave him a big hug! Oh my gosh, I like him more than I like the players,” said Allgood. “One of them (the players) was smiling at me and I said ‘Baby move out of the way, I want to see Coach Swinney!’ I love Coach, he is the real MVP.

“I like him because he is a humble man. I love a man who is humble and has integrity and that’s who he is. I met him and he is so down to earth. I said, ‘Oh shucks now that’s my skittle biscuit right there.’”

Allgood has had several relatives who graduated from Clemson and some who are currently still attending. Her main goal is to get accepted into the Clemson Nursing Program.

“My cousin is a Clemson alumni and now he is the head doctor at St. Francis Hospital, he and his wife,” she said. “His son graduated from Clemson and now he has another son going there. I am trying to get into the Clemson Nursing School. I am team Tiger all day every day. I bleed that orange honey.”

Allgood also reflected back on one of her favorite Clemson memories which was when she attended the Florida State-Clemson game in November of 2015.

“My voice was hoarse. It was 2015. I was scared, I was happy, I didn’t know anybody,” she said. “It was just me, myself, and I. And Baby Jesus right beside me. I whispered a little prayer because at first, D for defense baby. They were not doing well. After that halftime, I don’t know what Coach said but honey they got into it. We won it. We beat Florida State, aw shucks now!”

“Clemson fans are awesome,” Allgood continued. “They’re humble and hold themselves with integrity just like Coach Swinney.”


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