Could Bryant help Clemson somewhere besides quarterback?

Could Bryant help Clemson somewhere besides quarterback?


Could Bryant help Clemson somewhere besides quarterback?

SUNSET, S.C. — Brandon Streeter will not rule out a two-quarterback system or the thought that Kelly Bryant could help defending national champion Clemson at another position if he does not win the starting quarterback job this week.

The Tigers’ quarterbacks coach told the media at Dabo Swinney’s media golf outing on Tuesday from The Reserve at Lake Keowee in Sunset, S.C., that Bryant is too dynamic of a player to leave on the sideline.

“He is dynamic,” Streeter said. “We saw that in the spring and we have known that as coaches, but ya’ll saw it more in the spring game. He is a guy, when something breaks down, he can make something look real good because of his running ability, his strength, his size.

“He is not easy to tackle, not just because of his athleticism, but his size and his strength.”

Streeter said Bryant, who will compete with freshmen Zerrick Cooper and Hunter Johnson for the starting job when fall camp starts on Aug. 4, is more than just a guy who can throw the football.

“We all know playing quarterback is just not about being able to throw the football,” Streeter said. “He can do that, but he is so special because he is that dual threat. He is a guy that can do both and he can get you out of jam, similar to what Deshaun (Watson) did as far as the athleticism piece.”

Streeter said the two-quarterback system can work at Clemson because of the kind of teammate Bryant is and the culture Swinney has established in his program.

“That very well could happen,” Streeter said. “There are good things about that and there are not so many good things about that. Sometimes, when you have one quarterback and everybody knows who that one guy is, everybody can rally behind that one guy. When you have two, it is a little bit harder to do that.

“But I do think with our culture and, with our coaching staff, and with the team that we have, I don’t think it is a big issue with having two guys playing. So we have not gotten that far because we have so much practice to get in this preseason camp, but it is not out of the question. If these guys earn it and they deserve to play, then we will find a way to get them on the field.”

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