4-star RB looking for more interaction with Clemson

4-star RB looking for more interaction with Clemson


4-star RB looking for more interaction with Clemson

Although Clemson has become famous as “Wide Receiver University” due to the stream of talent going to the NFL, running back is one of the toughest positions on Clemson’s offense.

Tiger running backs need to be able to pick up linebacker blitzes, catch the ball out of the backfield and get tough yards in between the tackles. Playing some of the toughest defenses in the country every year makes their jobs even more difficult.

Clemson has only taken one running back in their last couple of recruiting classes, and while they still haven’t nabbed one in this year’s class, they are already on the trail for 2019.

Demetrius Mauney is one of the top running back recruits the Tigers should start recruiting harder as next year’s recruiting season begins to pick up.

The 5-foot-11, 181-pound running back said he has not taken any visits recently, but actually plans on attending a game in Death Valley this season.

When he makes it back down to Clemson, the East Rutherford (N.C.) star has several things he wants to do that he did not experience during his last visit.

“I’m looking for more coach interaction, I’m looking for it to get more personal,” Mauney said.

There are a couple teams showing heavy interest in Mauney right now, but he said his recruitment is at a bit of a stand still right now.

“Virginia Tech is showing the most interest but right now my recruiting process is like at a still right now…,” he said.

While his recruitment might be slow right now, it will almost surely pick up in the fall and the four-star prospect has a list of schools he would like to hear more from.

“Hopefully I’ll hear from Clemson a little more, and more SEC schools like Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisville and teams of that sort,” Mauney said.

Mauney did tell The Clemson Insider the Tigers have a lot of potential to be among his favorites come decision time if they offer him.

“Oh yes most definitely. Honestly, it’ll be the school that shows me the most interest from this point on out because I wanna actually feel wanted,” he said. “Don’t wanna be another statistic…only time can tell, but I feel like if I continue to do what I do on the field, especially this year being my junior year, which I plan to be an unbelievable year, they’ll all began to interact with me more, but Clemson will definitely have a good chance at getting me if the interaction picks up.”

Mauney is looking for a school that checks off all of the items on his list.

“I’m looking for coach interaction, great game day football atmosphere, family type bonding, and also a great medical program,” he said.

While Clemson could be one of Mauney’s favorites down the road, it will need to step up its game in order to impress him like some other schools have already done.

“I mean, only school that really impressed me was Norte Dame when I visited and UNC a little…you wanna impress me show me more interest and interaction,” he said.


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