The Buzz: Training Camp for Deshaun Watson

The Buzz: Training Camp for Deshaun Watson


The Buzz: Training Camp for Deshaun Watson

Houston Texans rookie quarterback, Deshaun Watson has certainly met, if not exceeded, the expectations of the Texans’ coaching staff thus far in training camp.

There has also been talk from sportswriters and other media as to whether or not it would be a wise decision to start Watson at some point this season.


Here are quotes from what has been observed of Watson in this edition of The Buzz:

“(Tom) Savage remains the starter. Watson is the backup. Brandon Weeden is behind Watson,” said Texans head coach Bill O’Brien. — Reported by John McClain from the Houston Chronicle, after O’Brien’s post-practice interviews with the media on Aug. 2nd.

“I don’t think there’s any question about that (a quarterback competition for the Texans),” said O’Brien. “Those guys are competitive. They’re both good. Weeden’s in there. He throws a really good ball.” — Reported by John McClain from the Houston Chronicle

“Deshaun, for a rookie, is really way ahead of any rookie quarterback I’ve been around.”  —Houston Texans’ head coach Bill O’Brien

“He’s a very mature kid. He is wise beyond his years for a young guy. He is handling it well.” — Houston Texans’ head coach Bill O’Brien

“Deshaun Watson just drilled three bullets in a row to different receivers on different parts of the field.” — Reported by John McClain from the Houston Chronicle

“It’s safe to say the Texans have been blown away with the progress he has made as far as work ethic wise and the amount of time he has put into learning the game of football. He’s the first out on the field, always. He takes copious notes, he works incredibly hard, and he cares about being good… they absolutely love what they (Texans) have seen from Deshaun Watson.” — Ian Rapoport from the NFL Network

“Unless something goes terribly wrong with Savage and Brandon Weeden I just don’t think (Watson starting) is going to happen this year. I think he (Watson) is going to learn this year and grow. They are going to develop him and I think that’s smart. That’s what O’Brien wants to do but I don’t think they brought him in to throw him into the fire and start right away.” — Houston Chronicle sports columnist, Jenny Dial Creech

“In my world Deshaun Watson should not start this year unless Tom Savage is just horrible, gets hurt, or they call a 4th and 1 quarterback sneak up the middle in pre-season and Savage has a concussion again. But they did not draft Deshaun Watson to be a Week One starter or a Week Five starter. The earliest I could see it NFL wise is if the Texans struggled early.” –Brian T. Smith, sports columnist for the Houston Chronicle

“He (O’Brien) is pleasantly surprised and he’s kind of throwing it out there. He is saying, ‘You know what boys?’ He’s pointing it out there and the players are listening to him and they’re going, ‘The rookie is going to be the starter but the coach hasn’t announced it yet.’ He (Watson) is going to be the starter. He will be the starting quarterback, there is no doubt.” — Herm Edwards, ESPN’s NFL Live


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