Unplugged: Adam Choice

Unplugged: Adam Choice


Unplugged: Adam Choice

Clemson running back Adam Choice spoke with the media after practice on Tuesday. The redshirt junior spoke about the first day in full pads, the running back competition, and how he plans to improve from last season.

Question: First day of pads, what was that like?

Choice: “It was very physical, getting to Paw drills it’s always a pretty loud environment out there. We all get out there and we go pretty hard. We definitely got out there today.”

Question: There’s a lot of competition especially in your group, how do you approach that?

Choice: “We had a speaker come and speak to us earlier on in camp. He said you can’t worry about the outside things. You’ve got to worry about your performance, so that’s what I’ve been trying to do. I’ve been trying to get better for myself. I can’t really control what they do. I mean they’re great guys and they do well but I can’t control what they do. I can only control what I do, so I know I am getting better and giving myself a chance.”

Question: What is the atmosphere like with the running backs? Is it a healthy competition?

Choice: “It is. We are all great friends. We get along very well and we clown around, we joke a lot, but at the end of the day we get our work done. That’s what it’s all about.”

Question: Knowing that this opportunity is out there for you to take, what’s the excitement level for you?

Choice: “Oh, it over the top. I’ve been waiting to get back out there and prove what I can do for the team, that’s what I am pushing to do. I know last year I didn’t feel like I left a great impression on a lot of people, especially I didn’t feel good about my season myself personally. So I’ve got some goals set this year and I am definitely going to try and hit those marks and surpass them.”

Question: Was there any added pressure during that Paw drill? Were you like ‘Okay, this is one of my chances to impress the coaches to run physically hard and through the hole?’

Choice: “No, sir. I believe that during Paw drills we are not trying to really leave an impression, we’re trying to get better. It’s the physical aspect of the game that we know we’ve got to run the trenches. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s something we have to do and something we have to learn to do. So, if we are doing that during practice and getting better and getting better individually, learning how to play low, and drive our feet. I believe there are certain situations that coaches would like to see that but I believe it is more for our personal growth than it is for the coaches.”

Question: Dabo (Swinney) talked the other day about how Wayne (Gallman) was the alpha dog and how everybody knew he was the guy last year? Do you think there is going to be an alpha dog this year? Or is it going to be more of everybody is going to get a lot of touches?

Choice: “There’s no say, we’ve got a great group of guys so I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes either way, anything can happen. Injuries can occur in a game, but if everybody stays healthy, I would like to see all my guys get touches. These are two of my best friends and I’ll root for them just as they root for me. We all support each other. We wish each other the best. But what we’ve got to do is come out here and make Coach (Tony) Elliot’s decision hard in how he decides to play us.”


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