Unplugged: Jeff Scott

Unplugged: Jeff Scott


Unplugged: Jeff Scott

Clemson co-offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach Jeff Scott spoke with the media after practice earlier this week.

Scott spoke about the freshman class, wide receiver Ray Ray McCloud, watching former players play in the NFL, today’s scrimmage, the quarterback competition, and freshman receiver Amari Rodgers.

Question: What have you seen from Ray-Ray and your wide receivers going up against him at corner back?

Scott: “It’s been fun. Ray-Ray is one of those rare guys that can go back and forth and he’s spent the last three practices, half the practice on defense and half the practice on offense. You know, sometimes I catch him in my wide receiver meeting taking notes to help the DB’s and I’ve had to get on him about that a little bit. We give him a hard time, but it’s great, in the end it’s going to make him a better receiver because he’s over there learning what Coach Reed is teaching those defensive backs about leverage and about releases and all of those different things. It’s something we will continue to do during fall camp.”

Question: How fun was it (Wednesday) night, for you, watching these kids that you’ve recruited play on that big stage in that (Houston-Carolina) game? You’ve obviously had guys before, but maybe not so many on the field at one time.

Scott: “It was great. To be in a brand new facility and were all out there and the whole team is in the Paw outside watching those guys. As soon as Deshaun threw that first pass, you could hear it. The whole team was cheering for him and talking. It was special. As a coach, it’s very rewarding. I can remember when Deshaun was a freshman and sophomore in High School. I remember him going out during his first starts in High School and the stage not being too big for him, just being very fluid and being able to execute. I remember him as a true freshman at Georgia, coming off the bench and the very first drive going and leading us to a touchdown. It was really neat to see that final phase as his debut on an NFL field. The biggest thing that I took away from it was that he looked really natural, it didn’t look like the moment was too big for him and he’s only going to get better. It was very encouraging and all the players and coaches really enjoyed watching those guys last night.”

Question: How is Ray-Ray doing now that the cast is off?

Scott: “He’s been doing well. It’s been his best week of practice so far. He’s really caught everything and I haven’t noticed anything with his hand. His change of direction and quickness has been very good. He’s been very consistent and has added to some very good competition there at the two-man position.”

Question: What do you want to see in the scrimmage on Saturday?

Scott: “Just seeing how we put it all together. We’ve had our moments and we’ve done some really good things. Kelly Bryant has had a really good fall camp up to this point, the best week stretch that he’s had in his entire career, so I want to see him carry that over to a scrimmage situation. I want to see the entire offense carry over the execution that we’ve had. It’s been really good at times and I want to see us carry that over where the coaches are off the field. Can we execute? Can we get the tempo going? Can we go down on a long drive and score?”

Question: Are any of the quarterbacks showing up to where you’re like, I notice that guy?

Scott: “They really are, not one guy in that group have I been disappointed with. Chase Brice has been amazing with what he can do, just getting here this summer. He has learned everything very quickly. It’s been very obvious to us coaches that he has good football knowledge. He’s got good instincts for the position. He’s jumped right in there. A casual person coming to practice would think that he’s been here longer than a week of practice. All four of those guys have done some really good things. The scrimmage Saturday will be a good opportunity to examine those guys further in a different setting.”

Question: Is Amari a guy you think could see the field pretty early?

Scott: “He did an excellent job the first three days, which is funny. He was out there while Ray-Ray was out. Ray-Ray had to sit on the sidelines and watch Amari. Then Amari got nicked up and then it was Ray-Ray’s time to step back in. It speaks a lot to Amari’s development and his talent and his ability that he is able to come in Day One and really challenge a guy like Ray-Ray, who’s really put himself in a good position. But they have, they’ve battled. I’ll be excited. Amari should be back tomorrow, so it will be fun to watch those guys go back and forth in the same practice.”



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