What defensive player is giving Renfrow fits?

What defensive player is giving Renfrow fits?


What defensive player is giving Renfrow fits?

Earlier this week, the media got a chance to catch up with wide receiver Hunter Renfrow. The junior touched on leadership and the progression of the young wide receivers like Amari Rogers and Tee Higgins.

Renfrow also talked about the growth he has seen from linebacker Dorian O’Daniel.

Question: Have you had guys step into leadership roles?

Renfrow: “I feel like me, Deon (Cain), and the older guys. I mean we aren’t guaranteed to start this year. But from a leadership standpoint, we’ve been here.”

Question: How do you think the offense looks in full pads compared to this time last year?

Renfrow: “It was so long ago. I just know we are going out every single day and trying to get better. It’s not about last year or trying to compare ourselves to last year. It’s about this team and what we need to do better every day.”

Question:  Have you got to square up against Ray-Ray McCloud?

Renfrow: “He got me one time in the summer and I got him one time out here. We’re one and one. He’s been doing well. He’s enjoying it. He is a very dynamic guy. He can play running back, receiver, and DB. It’s good to see him go out and do all those things with pride.”

Question: Have you talked to him about the procedure on his hand? You had the same one last year.

Renfrow: “Neither of us wanted to wear our cast and we didn’t want anything to hold up flexibility. We talked through that and about coming back. He did a great job and is ready to go.”

Question: How do you feel about some of the younger receivers and how they are progressing?

Renfrow: “They are doing a good job. Just like any freshman they come in kind of raw and they have to learn. They are super talented. You have to put one step in front of the other and in practice or when we go out and scrimmage make plays.”

Question: How ready are you for the scrimmage and to go all out?

Renfrow: “It’s fun even though I feel like the defense knows everything we’re running and takes our script. Like Dorian O’Daniel, I haven’t caught a ball against him since last fall. He’s been unbelievable. His technique and how much better he’s gotten, it is really cool to watch.”
Question: Have any of the guys in the secondary caught your eye?

Renfrow: “Trayvon (Mullen) is a real physical guy and can play all the positions. He does a great job. (Linebacker) Dorian O’Daniel is the guy who has impressed me the most. I got to go against him every day and he is lightyears ahead of where he was two years ago. His mental aspect … he knows what I am going to do before I do it.”



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