Robinson excited to show off his passion for football

Robinson excited to show off his passion for football


Robinson excited to show off his passion for football

The media got a chance to catch up with defensive tackle Jabril Robinson earlier this week.

Over the past two seasons Robinson has participated as a reserve on Clemson’s defensive line taking 132 snaps recording 19 tackles, 2.5 tackles for loss, and 1.5 sacks.

This year the junior is weighing in at a stout 275 pounds and looks to make an impact at defensive tackle.

Robinson touched on a variety of topics from his weight to Scott Pagano’s transfer. He also discussed the improvement of the offensive line as well as who to watch for on the defensive side in the near future.

Question: How much weight did you put on this off-season?

Robinson: “About 15-20 pounds to 275-280. I took it more serious and forced myself to eat more despite how I felt. I started grinding and tried not to throw up during tough drills. It was more food and nutrition. I just started eating more.”

Question: How has the transition to the field been?

Robinson: “I feel better. I can sustain double teams and I feel a big difference.”

Question: What do we need to see from you to get the snaps that you want?

Robinson: “I’m looking forward to showing more passion for the game. I have always had it but it has been hidden because I didn’t have any confidence in myself. The opportunity is coming. I just have to be prepared for it. I have been talking to Carlos (Watkins) and D.J. (Reader), all of my big brothers. Hearing them talk about B.J. Goodson and how he had to step up or Grady Jarrett’s story. I take bits and pieces from everybody, who has been in my spot.”

Question: What did it mean to see former teammates Carlos Watkins and D.J. Reader and some of those guys on the big stage the other night?

Robinson: “It is a reality check. It’s coming am I going to be ready for it? It’s something I’ve thought about since I was little.”

Question: When Scott (Pagano) transferred was it a sign that you’d have an opportunity for a lot more playing time this year?

Robinson: “I didn’t want to let it phase me.  It was more of a moment where I said, “Okay Scott is gone, let’s get it.”

Question: When did you transition to full-time at tackle?

Robinson: “About midway through the season last year. I thought when I lost weight that I could be a dynamic end. But when I got out there for the first time at the college level it gave me a different insight. I knew I was supposed to be hitting somebody head on every play after that.”

Question: How would you compare the offensive line to where they were in the preseason this time last year?

Robinson: “They are better. We’ve got Cade (Stewart), a young guy who used to work over there with the ends and Coach Hobby. Hobby never gave him a break, but it definitely paid off.

Question: Who are some young guys on defense who have really impressed you early on?

Robinson: “Justin (Foster) and Jordan (Williams). Their pad level is great. When I came in I liked to peek in the back field. Jordan plays with low pads and I really respect that and try to give him a little advice from time to time.”

Question: How does Coach (Todd) Bates train you? Does he put you in a spot or does everybody cross train?

Robinson: “He just wants us to know the plays no matter what. Nose, tackle, or even linebackers he wants us to grow our minds and get a feel for the whole defensive playbook.  Bates wants us to focus on Coach (Brent Venables’) assignment for us first and then to learn the whole defense.”


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