The NFL Buzz: Deshaun Watson and Tom Brady

The NFL Buzz: Deshaun Watson and Tom Brady


The NFL Buzz: Deshaun Watson and Tom Brady

After a combined practice this past Wednesday with the Houston Texans and the New England Patriots, four-time Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady complimented former Clemson and rookie Houston Texans’ quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Brady also admitted to being jealous of Watson’s speed and joked around with him as well.

Here are what reporters, writers, Brady and Watson have been saying about the exchange between the two players:

“Watching him play, he’s got a great future,” Brady said while talking to reporters down in West Virginia on Wednesday. “He’s got all the ability. It was great to meet him. I’ve watched him have so many great games. —Reported by Tyler Sullivan from

“It’s always good to be able to learn and watch a guy like Tom Brady, one of the best to ever do it — see him in live practice and how he works,” Watson said. – Reported by Sarah Barshop and Mike Reiss from

While Brady may have five Super Bowl rings to his name, the quarterback is actually envious of one aspect of Watson’s game; his speed. – Reported by Tyler Sullivan from

“I would love to be able to make some of those plays,” Brady said of Watson’s college game. He also joked that he was envious of Watson’s ability to make plays with his legs. – Reported by Kevin Skiver form

“Pro football players watch a lot of college players because on Saturday nights we’re at the hotel and Clemson was on a lot. Obviously, they won a lot of big games so it was great to meet him,” said Brady. —Reported by Tyler Sullivan from

 While Watson, the 12th overall pick in this year’s NFL draft, is looking to prove himself as Houston’s quarterback of the future, Brady is preparing to enter his 18th NFL season. And while he’s still not someone you’d bet on in a footrace, the Patriots QB is a master at adapting his game to make up for his limited athleticism.” – Reported by Zack Cox from

 “What we talked about, we kind of congratulated each other on all the success we’ve had and he had a little tip here and there on this league, this system and Coach (Bill O’Brien). It was a good talk.” – Reported by Sarah Barshop and Mike Reiss from

 “He’s (Watson) had such a great college career and got picked by a great team,” said Brady. – Reported by Sporting

“If I could run a 4.7 [forty-yard dash], man, I would have been the first overall pick,” he said. “Unfortunately, I ran a 5.2. I wouldn’t have been the first overall pick – I change that. I probably would’ve been a fourth-rounder. I wish I could make some of those plays.” – Reported by Tyler Sullivan from

The Patriots had a very good defense and a solid running back in Antowain Smith when Brady first started working with Bill Belichick. As for Watson, the Texans had one of the best defenses in the NFL in 2016 and they have a good running back in Lamar Miller coming back under Bill O’Brien, who coincidentally is a Belichick disciple. – Reported by Thomas Lott from Sporting


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