Swinney says defense ‘didn’t bring the juice’

Swinney says defense ‘didn’t bring the juice’


Swinney says defense ‘didn’t bring the juice’

For Dabo Swinney, he never gets to walk off the practice field totally happy. Clemson’s head coach is either going to be disappointed with his offense or, as was the case on Saturday, with the defense.

For the first time in camp, it was the offense that won the day instead of the defense, and Swinney really didn’t know how to respond in his post-scrimmage comments with the media.

“I always like to see it be a little more balanced and a little more competitive, but today the offense definitely won the day,” Swinney said. “They really kind of pushed them around today, I thought.”

The offense won all the two-minute drills, had a bunch of big plays and it did not matter who was making the plays as they came from the quarterbacks, the running backs and the wide receivers.

“Offensively, it was kind of the opposite (of last week),” Swinney said. “They just had great rhythm all day. Throwing, catching, we did not have a drop until the very end. It was very encouraging from that standpoint, but disappointing defensively because I have not really seen us have a day like that around here, defensively, in a while where we never could … we just didn’t bring the juice. We just did not have it.”

The Clemson coach said when one of the units does not bring the juice to practice, they will be exposed and that is what happened on Saturday in Death Valley.

“Hats off to the offense,” Swinney said. “They were tremendous today. They made some mistakes and we still had a few procedural issues and a few little things that could cost us. But all in all, just throwing and catching and running the football and the consistency of all three groups, really won the day.”

On the four two-minute drills situations, the offense won all four. Two of them were touchdown situations and two of them were field goal situations.

The Tigers also did overtime as Swinney put the second-team offense vs. the first-team defense and the second-team offense won. The second-team defense also stopped the first-team offense to win the overtime period.

“The positive in that is that it shows the depth that we have,” Swinney said. “That is something that we have worked really hard on in camp to try and be a deep team. We have to be deep to be able to do what we want to do.

“Despite not having our best day defensively today, it has been a good camp. It really has.”

Swinney summed up the defense’s day by saying it was kind of like the day the offense had last Tuesday when they first went out to Jervey Meadows for practice.

“I know what they can do,” Swinney said. “For whatever the reason, they could not put it together today. Give the offense credit for that.”


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