Carter anxious to finally see ball thrown

Carter anxious to finally see ball thrown


Carter anxious to finally see ball thrown

Clemson cornerback Ryan Carter wasn’t sure what was going on this past Saturday in No. 5 Clemson’s 56-3 victory over Kent State when the Golden Flashes completed only one of five passes for one yard in the entire game.

“I was so confused,” Carter said Monday. “Not really sure why they didn’t pass the ball that much. That definitely threw us off a little bit, but no complaints.”

However the senior understands he has to now get ready for a completely different story this Saturday against 12th-ranked Auburn and quarterback Jarrett Stadium when the two team meet in Death Valley at 7 p.m.

“Definitely anxious about seeing the ball be thrown more,” said the graduate student. “Getting in the film room and just seeing some of the stuff they did against Georgia Southern and stuff like that so I’m definitely excited about them throwing the ball.”

Stidham, a transfer from Baylor University, who was ranked one of the nation’s top quarterbacks coming out of high school a few years back.

“With their new quarterback I definitely feel like they are spreading out more,” Carter said. “Definitely a whole lot different from last year where they kind of did more of a triple-option offense. So they are definitely trying to spread the ball out and he’s a good quarterback from Baylor so he is doing a really go job for them.”

Contrary to what he saw this past Saturday, Carter knows the deep ball is one of Auburn’s best characteristics.

“I would definitely agree that’s a good attribute for them. He (Stidham) definitely does a good job reading the field and reading the defense and things of that nature. But I would definitely agree the deep ball is definitely one of their go-to’s.”

Carter also said he needs to learn more details about their wide receivers.

“I still need to see more about them, but I know number thirty-three, the little slot receiver is a good, shifty guy, side-to-side, does well in the slot. I think (Nate Craig-Myers) and Kyle Davis, I know he’s a good receiver too,” the Clemson senior said.

Carter was pleased with how Clemson came out this past Saturday and feels it was a great way to get the season going as they now begin to face bigger challenges.

“We’ve been going against each other so I guess it was good of us to start somewhere, start fresh. I think it definitely makes us more ready, just the fact we got some rustiness off if we had any. I think we learned more about our depth. We had a lot of people play so our depth was good.”

He was proud of some of the younger guys such as K’von Wallace, Amir Trapp and A.J. Terrell, who all got playing time this past Saturday.

“K’von Wallace got in their early and he got some snaps at strong safety,” Carter said. “He was doing really well, no drop-off at all. Amir Trapp got in there, A.J. Terrell. Young DB’s who were playing well in my opinion so they definitely stood out to me. The linebacker core definitely did well too.”

Redshirt freshman Isiah Simmons was another who was able to step up in Saturday’s game and prove what he can do.

“I feel like he’s always bringing it in practice and now he’s getting to show it,” Carter said.”He’s definitely a guy that I would want to name as someone that stood out to me as well. I’m really excited about Isaiah and I’m excited about the things he’s going to do for us in the near future.”


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