Auburn fan shares letter on special visit to Clemson

Auburn fan shares letter on special visit to Clemson


Auburn fan shares letter on special visit to Clemson

Coach Hugh Yaughn was nice enough to share this letter with The Clemson Insider that he received from a very special Auburn family about their visit to Clemson.  We thought we should share this with everyone.





Todd B. Armistead
13 hrs · Ducktown

My precious wife and I had the pleasure of attending the Auburn / Clemson game in Clemson, SC last night. While the outcome was no pleasure for the Auburn faithful, the experience itself was special.

First of all, no less than 5 Clemson fans went out of their way to welcome us to Clemson and to wish us well during our visit. A couple of Clemson fans even complemented Auburn fans for the hospitality shown them during the game last season.

Second, Clemson is a beautiful campus / town and that stadium was rocking. It was fun to experience.

But the part that moved me was a special group that Jenn and I sat behind. The group was made up of about 20 young adults with varying forms of intellectual disabilities. The most common disability in the group appeared to be Downs Syndrome. The leaders of this group explained to me that Clemson gives this group tickets to every home game.

I have attended a lot of football games in my life but I have never seen a group of fans more enthusiastic and excited about their team. These young men and women cheered and chanted and danced for the entire game. Their joy and happiness was infectious. We were privileged to sit next to these Clemson fans. My hats off to Clemson University for providing these young people with the opportunity to be a part of the Clemson Family in this special way.

And one thought that I want to share. This group may be categorized as “intellectually disabled” but their joy and happiness was unmatched in that stadium. They are living life in way that most can’t understand but don’t underestimate the quality of life that they can experience. I would trade a lot of my experiences for some of the infectious happiness that I watched for 4 quarters! If joy and happiness are to be valued in our world, then this group of adults are a treasure. We must honor and protect that treasure.

Thank you Clemson! #collegefootballbuildsbridges



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