Renfrow, Tigers have to give the defense a chance

Renfrow, Tigers have to give the defense a chance


Renfrow, Tigers have to give the defense a chance

Clemson wide receiver Hunter Renfrow reminisced on his first career touchdown against Louisville two years ago. It is easy to say, he has definitely come a long way sense then.

After catching the winning touchdown pass of the College Football Playoff National Championship Game, he had nine catches and 62 yards for Clemson against Auburn last Saturday. Renfrow feels he is more than prepared to help the Clemson offense take on Louisville’s defense this weekend in Louisville, Ky.

Question: You didn’t play in the game last year, but two years ago you had your first career touchdown against Louisville. Just take us back to that.

Renfrow: “It seems like so much has happened since then. It seems like yesterday but it also seems like it was 10 years ago. I remember my parents weren’t going to come up to that game because it was an eight hour drive from Myrtle Beach. But, I remember just going in there and I wasn’t starting. I caught a little post ball. I remember it being a four-quarter game just like Auburn. Just a game that we both traded blows, but we came out on top.”

Question: What jumps out at you about Louisville in terms of the matchups in the secondary?

Renfrow: “They are extremely talented. I actually did a camp this summer with Jaire Alexander. I don’t know if he is going to play or not but they are extremely talented nonetheless and we are going to have to bring our A-game to be able to compete with them.”

Question: With what we saw last week, are you not worried about the offense not being able to keep up?

Renfrow: “Yeah, I mean we definitely had our problems last week but that’s why we are working hard at practice this week, to get better. Hopefully, if it’s a shootout or a low scoring game, we are just trying to win the game. That is what a team is for just to be able to compliment each other. That’s what we did last week and I am hoping we will do the same this week.”

Question: You had several big catches last Saturday against Auburn. Do you feel like you are developing a little more chemistry with Kelly (Bryant), like a timing thing?

Renfrow: “Yeah, I mean we have been developing that for a year now. Back in spring ball and fall camp. My job is just to get open and Kelly’s job is to make good throws so if we do our jobs it will be alright.”

Question: Dabo said earlier today that Dorian O’Daniel is the only guy that can cover you at practice. What’s it like going against him?

Renfrow: “Dorian is extremely talented. He’s a good guy and we don’t jolly at each other too much so I like that. We have some good competitions and we get each other better. That’s why we say that practice prepares us so well for games because we are going against each other every single day. We go against top talent every single day. We are not overwhelmed with the opponent when we get out there on Saturdays.  We know that if we struggle against Dorian or whoever else might be out there, we still have to get back up and make the next play.”

Question: Special teams played a huge part against Louisville the past three years. How much do you look forward to being a part of that this Saturday?

Renfrow: “I have mainly been doing safe punt for the most part. I get back there on the punt safe situations. But, I am just excited to be able to help this team any way that I can…all of these big games we have played, special teams has played a huge role. So, if we are going to win, we are going to have to play well on special teams.”

Question: How much are you guys focusing on ball controlling and not giving Lamar’s offense any edge?

Renfrow: “I think Lamar and them had 100 plays last year. We gave them a lot of plays. We are not going to ball control, we are going to do what we do but we are going to have to take care of the ball to win. It’s as simple as that. We are going to have to play well on special teams and take care of the ball on offense. We know what we have on our defense. We have some good players, we just have to give ourselves a chance to win and take care of the ball.”



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