BC fans love coming to Clemson

BC fans love coming to Clemson


BC fans love coming to Clemson

Clemson is known for its amazing southern hospitality, and when Boston College came to town this past Saturday the Clemson family made sure the fans who made the trip down felt more than welcome during their stay.

The Boston College fans did not hesitate to show how appreciative they were of the hospitality they received from the fans upon their arrival. The Eagles’ fans talked about their experiences, the Clemson atmosphere, and how much they look forward to this game every other year.

“This is so awesome there are so many people out tailgating and everyone has been so nice,” one BC fan said. “It’s kind of funny, coming from the Northeast, I expect people to be kind of mean to me because I am wearing a Boston College shirt, but people have been really nice, it’s been a great experience.”

Some Boston College students even made the trip down and found their experience unforgettable.

“The Clemson fans have been so nice to us and they’ve welcomed us down here to the south,” he said. “It’s been so fun. We have been having a really good time so far.”

Many fans even said this was the road game that they looked forward to coming to. One fan said, “This is the game we like to go to all the time. Clemson has the most welcoming people, since there is so few BC people here, you guy’s just bend over backwards for us.

“This is nothing that we’re used too. Boston College is a beautiful campus, but there’s no room, you can’t do all of this. You can’t tailgate like you do down here.”


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