Lamar says defense looks up to 2014 unit

Lamar says defense looks up to 2014 unit


Lamar says defense looks up to 2014 unit

Clemson linebacker Tre Lamar played a big role in Clemson’s win at Virginia Tech last week. The sophomore had one of his best games of the season as he tallied six tackles and made a key block that sprung teammate Dorian O’Daniel on a 22-yard interception return.

Lamar spoke with the media earlier this week as the second-ranked Tigers host Wake Forest Saturday in Death Valley. Kickoff is scheduled for noon and will be televised on ESPN2.

Question: How did you prepare for Virginia Tech?

Lamar: “You know we had a great game plan going in. Coach (Brent) Venables really got us right into the game room. Just the little intricacies of their offense and how we could do better ourselves and I felt like we had a really great week of practice.”

Question: As a defense, do you guys ever talk about your legacy and not only about winning games but finishing as the number one defense and really leaving your mark?

Lamar: “You know Stephone (Anthony) and them had the number one defense back in the day so we really want to live up to our predecessors. Not only that, they had the number one defense, but their work ethic and their grind throughout the season was worthy of being number one so we always look to be kind of like them.”

Question: You played a role Dorian O’Daniel’s interception return for a touchdown the other night. Did he thank you for it?

Lamar: “You know, I got my little thank you afterwards but everyone loves the dude who got the pick not the one who blocked, but it’s straight. I mean, he is having a great season so far. He didn’t just have that pick, he had a recovered fumble too, so he has been balling this season.”

Question: There is a lot of competition at linebacker, how do you keep a positive attitude going into practice every week.

Lamar: “You know I feel like Clemson is a great place to be. Everyone around you is positive — Coaches, faculty, everybody. So it is hard to be negative around here when everyone is so positive.”

Question: Do you guys think about what you accomplished in getting those three wins against top 15 opponents before October?

Lamar: “I mean we are happy that we had that great September but Coach Swinney always tell us that this is our biggest game of the year because it is our next one. So going off of that, Wake Forest is our biggest game because it is our next one.”

Question: What’s it like having guys like Christian Wilkins, Dexter Lawrence and that defensive line play in front of you?

Lamar: “Being behind Christian Wilkins, Dexter Lawrence and Albert Huggins, it’s great to have a great defensive line. It makes our job so much easier fitting gaps and stuff like that. I’m just blessed to have those guys in front of me.”

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