Swinney's Wednesday Practice Report

Swinney's Wednesday Practice Report


Swinney's Wednesday Practice Report

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney addressed the media following Wednesday’s practice in Clemson.

Swinney said Wednesday was a tough practice for the team.

“Today was a tough day out here,” Swinney said. “It ain’t fun to lose, and we have not had a lot of opportunities to lose. I say opportunity because it is an opportunity. I have always lived my life … If you never had any adversity, you win every game, you make every kick, you catch every pass, you get every ribbon, you never lose, you never fail. If you never have adversity then you kind of depend on yourself.

“I have always looked at it that if you have had adversity in your life, it makes you focus.”

Watch the Swinney’s interview with the media on TCITV.



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