Tigers have to be careful with Mitchell

Tigers have to be careful with Mitchell


Tigers have to be careful with Mitchell

Clemson point guard Shelton Mitchell is still having issues with the same knee he injured in practice prior to the start of last season.

The point guard had surgery on the knee again in the off-season and was very limited in workouts during the entire off-season. Mitchell did not play in Spain or participate in many workouts this past summer.

“There are days that it bothers him,” Mitchell’s position coach Dick Bender said. “There are some days he can do more and there are some days he does less. It is a give and take thing and I think the biggest thing is getting him in the starting lineup and making him last throughout the season.”

It will come down to a matter of trust for Mitchell.

“I feel like structurally he trusts it through Dr. Bowman and Dr. Reeves and they put him through the test where he can see that,” Bender said. “Then I think the willingness of us and our understanding as a coaching staff that his reps will be limited and if there is a point in practice where he needs to be done for the day, then we are fine with that. I think all of that is going to help.”

Mitchell averaged 10.8 points per game and shot 45.9-percent from the field for the Tigers last year while playing with the same injured knee. He returns as Clemson’s leading scorer from a year ago this season.

“Structurally the knee is fine, but he has had so many issues with it with the surgeries and stuff like that so you have a little bit of bone on bone so the pounding of that through the duration of the season, practices and all of that is what we have to be careful of.”


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