2020 prospect looks forward to Clemson offer

2020 prospect looks forward to Clemson offer


2020 prospect looks forward to Clemson offer

The 2020 recruiting class is a pretty distant time for football recruiting, but it’s never too early to get a jump start on some names that will be some of the best players in their class.

There are some schools that offer middle school players and high school freshmen and while that can help in terms of developing a trust and rapport with the coaching staff, there is a degree of uncertainty about the development, both physically and mentally of a player.

Clemson has not offered 2020 linebacker Kevin Swint, but the sophomore out of Carrollton (Ga.) should start to see plenty of interest after this season is over.

While Swint is already 6-foot-3, 200 pounds, he still has plenty of room to grow into his frame, and could serve as a solid and rangy outside linebacker in a college system.

So far this season, he has only visited Georgia but said he plans on taking a trip to Auburn for one of the last four games of the season.  Swint said he enjoyed his visit to Georgia and he “loved the fans and the atmosphere against Mississippi State.”

Swint is not currently in contact with any teams, but said coaches have been in contact with his high school coaches, one of them being Clemson.

“I never really talk to them on the phone,” he said. “My coach told me that they talked to him. They said they wanted me to come up for a summer camp to work me out and get a live look at my skills.”

Swint told The Clemson Insider he will most likely be taking a trip to Clemson for summer camp as well as this coming spring.

“If everything goes as plan, I will be in Death Valley for a spring practice or game,” he said.

Georgia and Florida are showing the most interest in Swint, but Clemson, Ohio State and Alabama are also showing interest as well.

“I would like to have more communication (with Clemson), but I know that I am a sophomore so they can’t do too much or talk right now,” Stint said.

While taking visits this season and in the future, Swint said there are a few things he is looking for in a school.

“A great welcome and just a good feel for the people and the way they control their school…good academics as well,” he said.

As Swint continues to develop his game and form, don’t be surprised if the Tigers end up pulling the trigger on an offer in the next year.



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