Edmond’s parents make ‘Family’ in ‘The Clemson Family’ so unique

Edmond’s parents make ‘Family’ in ‘The Clemson Family’ so unique


Edmond’s parents make ‘Family’ in ‘The Clemson Family’ so unique

When Dabo Swinney and his coaches hit the recruiting trail, they don’t just recruit the players to Clemson, they also recruit their families.

There is no better example of that then cornerback Marcus Edmond’s mother and father. Even though their son has missed the last eight games due to injury, they have attended every one, including road games. What makes that so unique is the fact injured players don’t travel with the team.

So when second-ranked Clemson went and played at Louisville this year, at Virginia Tech, at Syracuse and at NC State, Edmond’s parents were there, even though Edmond himself was back in Clemson.

“I see his mom and dad with their No. 29 jerseys on and standing there with all the families as the buses are coming in. That is awesome,” Swinney said “In fact, I got a chance to talk to them at Syracuse and I told them, ‘Ya’ll are the MVPs here.’ They just told me, ‘We’re not missing the game!’ I think that is special to see how much joy his parents have had through their son’s experiences.

“That is pretty unique and pretty special.”

Edmond has been injured since Week 2 when he injured his foot early in the win over No. 6 Auburn. Since then, he has not played, but his parents have been there the entire time.

“My parents have always been supportive in every sport all of my life,” the senior said. “They come to every game regardless of rain, sleet or snow. They come to games even if I’m not playing, like this year. They already had them booked even before the season started. They have always been supportive of me, especially in sports.”

It’s been a difficult last season at Clemson for their son. Edmond came out of the spring as one of the starters and Swinney was expecting him to have a Coty Sensabaugh like-senior year. But from the moment camp started, he has been injured more than he has played.

Edmond missed a good majority of fall camp with a hamstring injury. When he finally got back, he slowly worked his way back into the rotation at corner. And then against Auburn, an Auburn player came down on his foot after the two went up for a pass. He hopped off the field and ever since he has been battling to try and come back.

“I knew it would be a long term injury,” Edmond said. “I’m still working on it. I’m trying to get it better and it is getting better for sure. I can do a lot more on it.”

The foot has finally healed enough that Edmond has been listed as probable for Saturday’s game against The Citadel. It’s a good time to come back considering it will also be the last opportunity he gets to play in Death Valley.

Edmond will be one of six scholarship seniors that will be honored prior to Saturday’s game, which will kickoff at 12:20 p.m.

“I’m not going to shed a tear, but it will be emotional,” Edmond said.

The Hopkins, S.C., native remembers his freshman season, because he was being redshirted, and of course the last two years, but he doesn’t remember too much in between. As he said, “It goes by fast. You have to take advantage of every moment and every aspect of it.”

And what makes it even more special is how much of it Edmond has been able to share with his parents.

“That is The Clemson Family at its finest right there,” Swinney said. “It is really pretty neat. They always have a smile on their face. I just love his mama and his daddy.”



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