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What’s trending on The Clemson Insider today? A number of things, including a Clemson tight end that is transferring, a former Tiger giving a former Gamecock some love, and Mike Reed showing off Clemson’s version of Miami’s turnover chain.

Also, is K.J. Henry sending a signal on where Clemson linebacker target Dax Hollifield will go? And did the Eagles steal a touchdown play from Clemson in Sunday’s Super Bowl?

Also, a top safety target spoke with TCI about his “amazing” official visit to Clemson, and our Monday Morning Quarterback features Brian Dawkins, Clemson’s first Pro Football Hall of Famer who is no different than the rest of us.

Trending on TCI:

Clemson tight end to transfer

Monday Morning Quarterback

Top safety target talks ‘amazing’ Clemson official visit

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Is KJ Henry sending a signal on where Hollifield will sign?

Mike Reed shows off Clemson’s version of the turnover chain

Former Tiger gives former Gamecock some love

Did the Eagles steal TD play from Clemson?


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