Even in competition Bryant is a leader

Even in competition Bryant is a leader


Even in competition Bryant is a leader

Clemson quarterback has no issues helping others who are competing to take his job

It was last year at this time when Dabo Swinney gave Kelly Bryant the keys to the offense, but nothing was guaranteed.

If Bryant wanted to drive the offense more than just on a test drive in the spring, he knew he was going to have earn it, which he did by beating out Zerrick Cooper and Hunter Johnson, while taking the lead for the top spot.

“There was nothing decided at that point, and he took the bull by the horns and he went and got it and he earned it,” Clemson quarterbacks coach Brandon Streeter said earlier this week.

Bryant went on to win the job in camp last August, and then proceeded to take the Tigers back to the College Football Playoff for a third straight year.

“Then throughout the season, he just gained more and more confidence with his play,” Streeter said. “He did a great job. So he has a ton of confidence right now.”

Bryant was also a leader, even with the other quarterbacks in the room. Streeter said the junior played a big role in helping the other quarterbacks in the room in any way he could whether it was about the playbook, watching film or answering questions.

“He is the type of person that is going to lead, weather it is within the quarterback group or any other group on that team. He is going to be that leader,” Streeter said. “They have all developed a great relationship.”

Streeter takes great pride in seeing his quarterbacks become brothers and help one another out, even when they are competing for the same job.

“They are going to be brothers,” he said. “They are going to be encouraging to each other. They are going to be helping each other out because it does no good to have negative feelings towards the guy sitting right next to you. It does nothing but hurt yourself.”

Last spring, Streeter remembers how well everyone did in helping each other, and he said Bryant was right at the front of the line leading the way. These days, he is doing the same thing with Johnson, Chase Brice and Trevor Lawrence.

“They are carrying it on into the winter months now too and Kelly is just that type of guy,” Streeter said. “He just wants to go get better and he wants to help people. That is why he is such a good leader.”



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