Lawrence continues to get better

Lawrence continues to get better


Lawrence continues to get better


Like the other three quarterbacks, the freshman is making progress

When he watches him in practice, Trevor Lawrence reminds Jeff Scott of his two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Savannah.

She is at that age where she is trying to figure what she can and cannot do. Lawrence, who enrolled at Clemson in January, is learning there are certain throws he can and cannot make at the Division I level.

Scott says the freshman has a lot of moments when he makes him say “Wow!” Then there are other moments when he tries to fit the ball in a tight window and has the pass either knocked down or intercepted.

“There is no question about the ability and the talent that he has,” Scott said. “I think for him, number one, he has tested it a few times and he has found out there are some throws he cannot get away with at this level. You could get away with it in high school.

“It is kind of like my two-and-a-half-year-old, Savannah. They have to kind of touch that hot plate before they believe it. That is kind of where Trevor is right now. Every day he is trying to test it. Sometimes he makes the play and sometimes he gets intercepted. That is what learning is about … it’s kind of finding that timing, when to make that throw and when to check it down or when to throw it away. But, he has definitely gotten better and he is doing very well.”

Overall, practice has been very competitive between Lawrence, Kelly Bryant, Hunter Johnson and Chase Brice.

“Kelly is improving from where he was last year. I feel like he has had a really good seven practices,” Scott said following Monday’s practice at the Poe Indoor Practice Facility. “Really, all the young guys behind him have been showing good progress.

“They have their moments. They have all made mistakes and have thrown balls where they are not supposed to throw them, but they have also made some really good plays.”

Scott says what the coaching staff is looking for at this time is to see who has command of the offense. Can they flip the protections? Can they put the running back where he is supposed to be? Can he communicate with offensive line?

“That is really the biggest thing for those younger guys is getting comfortable doing that,” Scott said. “I have seen progress. All four of those guys are talented guys. I think that is really what this scrimmage is all about (on Wednesday). Just letting those guys go out and compete. Get everybody off the field and let them see live bullets coming at them and hopefully we will be able to see some things from that.”

Like Scott, head coach Dabo Swinney has been pleased with his quarterbacks as well. He said they have all had their good days. They have all made great plays and they have all made plays they would like to have back.

We have a competitive bunch and all four of them are fighting, scratching and clawing every day to be the guy and that is what I love,” Swinney said. “Kelly has been really good, but those other guys are catching on and competing hard.”



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