Byrd becomes a part of Clemson history

Byrd becomes a part of Clemson history


Byrd becomes a part of Clemson history


Grayson Byrd claimed he did not eat any extra Wheaties before second-ranked Clemson’s 5-0 victory over Charleston Southern Tuesday night at Doug Kingsmore Stadium.

However, that did not look to be the case as the redshirt junior was 3-for-4 with three home runs and all five RBIs. Tuesday night made him the 14th Clemson Tiger in history to hit three home runs in one game. Byrd is also the first to do so since John Hinson hit three in one game in 2010.

“No I didn’t (eat extra Wheaties),” Byrd joked after the game. “Pregame my swing was feeling pretty good and (Brian Hennessy) just told me all of my balls went out by less than five feet so they were all wall scrapers I guess, but I’ll take it.”

Byrd’s first home run was hit 317 ft the opposite way to left field and he claimed that it took him a minute to realize that he had hit it out.

“I hit it and I thought I just missed it,” Byrd said. “I was rounding first and as I saw it I saw the left fielder go down and I looked at the umpire and he kind of just (made an out gesture).

“I didn’t see the (home run signal) so I stopped and our third base coach said, ‘Hey it was a home run.’ I was like, ‘Okay I’ll take it’ and ran out there.”

Byrd then hit a three-run bomb to right field in the bottom of the fourth inning to extend Clemson’s lead to 4-0. As if that wasn’t enough for the night, Byrd then came up again and hit yet another solo home run to center field.

“Jordan Greene told me, ‘Bet you won’t hit a third one,’” Byrd said. “I said, ‘Alright I’ll try for you.’  I had two strikes and I got a pitch up and with the wind and the cold I wasn’t sure if it was going to get out.

“I was kind of watching it while rounding first and saw it get out. I rounded third actually and I was laughing so I had put my head down and I almost missed home so I was kind of a mess after that third one.”

As Byrd came up to the plate in his fourth and final at-bat of the game, he hit a foul ball that cracked the bat he had been using all game, and sure enough struck out while using a different bat. He blamed his teammate Patrick Cromwell for the strikeout.

“I hit it and I heard it kind of sound weird but I didn’t know if the ball was going to get down the line so I ran and I was like, ‘Shoot I hope that didn’t break.’ I walked back and looked at the handle and it had a crack and I went to bend it and it just kind of gave.

“My heart was kind of broken a little bit. Patrick Cromwell gave me his bat so I blame him for my last strikeout. That bat just didn’t have any barrels in it tonight.”



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