Depth chart should start take shape in last six practices

Depth chart should start take shape in last six practices


Depth chart should start take shape in last six practices


Clemson’s football team has six practices left in spring practice this year and Dabo Swinney wants to make the most of them.

The Tigers have a scrimmage on Wednesday, plus two half scrimmages, two practices and the annual Orange & White Game on April 14 before they close shop for a few weeks prior to the start of summer workouts.

“We are in a good spot competitively, physically and mentally because we have a lot of guys that have a great understanding of what we are trying to do,” Swinney said. “The first half of spring is a lot of what and how to do it, and now we have a spring game, a scrimmage and two half scrimmages left out of the next six practices so the second half here is lot of evaluating on who can do what we want and how we want it done.

“And then those that are not quite there, how do we get them there?”

Swinney says for those that are not quite there, they were will formulate a plan for them in the summer to try and get them where they need to be before fall camp starts in August.

But it does not seem like there are too many players that are behind. Swinney said they saw a lot of good things from the scrimmage held on March 14 when they went back and watched the film.

“There was a lot of good and bad, but that is to be expected when you rep as many people as we rep and try to evaluate as many guys as we are,” he said.

Of course one of the areas the coaches will be evaluating the most the next couple of weeks is at quarterback were incumbent starter Kelly Bryant is trying to hold off upstarts Hunter Johnson, Chase Brice and Trevor Lawrence.

The Clemson head coach said all four quarterbacks were very productive and made some good plays and decisions in the first scrimmage. However, they also had a few plays they would have liked to have gotten back.

“All of them made some very good plays and some nice throws,” Swinney said. “It is fun to watch. We are competing every day and evaluating everything. We will sit down this … we have a lot coming. Like I said, we have six practices left. One is a spring game. We are going to be very competitive. One is a full scrimmage on Wednesday and we have two half scrimmage days.

“So you have four really, really big days to go with that last scrimmage. So a lot of evaluating and information, so I thought they all did well.”



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