Lawrence’s pocket presence pleases his coaches

Lawrence’s pocket presence pleases his coaches


Lawrence’s pocket presence pleases his coaches


Trevor Lawrence isn’t the kind of player that shows much emotion. No matter the situation or the moment, he always acts as if he has been there before.

“That is probably the thing with him is his calm demeanor,” Clemson co-offensive coordinator Tony Elliott said earlier this week.

It’s Lawrence’s demeanor which has him showing his Clemson coaches what he can do even when things breakdown around him in the pocket.

“The most pleasing thing about Trevor is his natural instincts and his ability to extend pays, and his ability to run and escape and create,” Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney said.

Lawrence, who enrolled at Clemson in January, continues to impress the Tigers’ offensive coaches, whether it is his arm strength, his ability to learn quickly or how he responds to pressure. In Wednesday’s scrimmage, the true freshman threw a touchdown pass of 20-plus yards, and led the Tigers on a couple of scoring drives when he got his opportunity.

“The way that ya’ll see him every day, that is the same way he is in the pocket,” Elliott said. “He has just a natural pocket presence that you just can’t coach. The special ones, they have that.”

Elliott said he is looking forward to going back and watching the film from the scrimmage so he can watch and evaluate Lawrence’s performance.

“Today was an opportunity, and I kind of kidded with him,” Elliott said. “Now it is for real. We are in the stadium. We are on the grass. The coaches are off the field. ‘You are on your own.’ He just kind of said, ‘I’m ready coach.’

“I’m anxious to get in there and see because I know there were some situations where all of the quarterbacks, not just Trevor, wished they had a play or two back. That is going to be the fun part, getting in there and challenging those guys and seeing how they are going to respond.”

Like all freshmen, Lawrence still has a lot to learn, though.

“From a tempo standpoint, he is still trying to learn the drive and that is the thing we really challenge all of the quarterbacks,” Elliott said. “Quarterbacks drive the tempo. So as soon as the play is over and the whistle is blown, you already have your eyes to the side and you are herding the cattle in the direction to get back on the ball.”

Elliott said the tempo was not where in needed to be in between plays and that is where Lawrence is still learning.

“I thought we did a good job of finding some of our tempo plays, but in between plays, the last two practices, it has not been where it has been prior to leaving,” the Clemson coach said. “Some of that is because they have been off for a week, but that is an opportunity for us to coach.

“From a tempo standpoint, we had 91 plays. We did some good things from a tempo standpoint, but just in between plays, that is an area we are a going to coach these guys on.”



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