Monday’s practice was the most competitive of the spring

Monday’s practice was the most competitive of the spring


Monday’s practice was the most competitive of the spring


Dabo Swinney said Monday’s practice was probably his team’s best day this spring.

Instead of having the first-team offense practice against the second-team defense, Clemson’s head coach had the ones go against the twos in the situational scrimmage to conclude Monday’s practice at the Poe Indoor Practice Facility in Clemson.

“This was probably our best day, overall, to be honest with you,” Swinney said afterward. “We usually do ones-on-ones all the time, but we actually did a lot of so-called twos-on-one. I don’t like for them to think of themselves as a twos. I just want them to be all Clemson players. You don’t hold a sign up when you sub and say, ‘Okay, we are putting a two in.’ It does not work that way.

“I thought today was one of the most competitive days we have had. We mixed it up a lot with the ones and twos. We did some open field stuff and we hit all the field zones and then finished up with a couple of situations we needed to work on.”

Clemson worked on milking-the-clock situations. The defense was given two timeouts and was behind. The goal was to get the ball back. The team also worked on end-of-the-game situations where the offense needs a touchdown to win it and they’re four-down territory all the way.

The Tigers also worked on kicking and punt returns, as well as on field goals. Swinney said placekicker Greg Huegel got some work in the mini-scrimmage.

“It was the fewest reps, scrimmage-wise, of the scrimmages we’ve had, but it was probably up there somewhere in the fifty-play range.”


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